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Director, Center for Business and Economic Research
An accomplished economist, professor, and administrator in the fields of business and economic research.
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Assistant Professor of Political Science
An expert in polling, campaign finance, political communication, and elections.
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Associate Professor, School of Community Health Sciences
An expert in pediatric asthma, chronic disease trends, complex weighted survey data, and clinical programming
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Visiting Lecturer in New Media
An expert on social and digital media, and a recognized authority on the role of superheroes and comics books in society. 
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Senior Fellow for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Policy, Boyd School of Law
An international expert in water policy.
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Senior Resident Scholar of Information Technology, The Lincy Institute
A recognized expert in information technology, including human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and intelligent computing systems. 
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Associate Professor of History
An expert in American history.
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Associate Professor of Art History, Theory & Criticism
An expert in contemporary art history, photography and architecture history, urban studies, and economic geography.
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Assistant Professor-in-Residence
An expert on mental health counseling and counselor education. 
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Associate Professor of Architecture
An expert in architectural design for hospitality and entertainment.
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Professor of Educational Psychology
An expert in argumentation and critical thinking in education environments.
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Lincy Professor of Unmanned Aerial Systems
An internationally renowned expert in autonomous systems, drones, and robotics.