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Stan Smith

Professor Emeritus

Professor of Life Sciences

Expertise: Desert Ecology, Plant Physiology, Global Climate Change


Stan Smith is a recognized expert on the ecology of deserts, and more recently how global climate change may impact dryland regions. He specializes in desert plants, specifically how plants survive the temperature extremes and water stress that characterize deserts. He has published extensively in ecological and plant journals, and has conducted research in all four of North America's deserts: Nevada's Mojave and Great Basin, the Sonoran Desert, and the Chihuahuan Desert. His work has been recognized with UNLV's Barrick Distinguished Scholar and Harry Reid Silver State research awards.

Smith also has more than a decade of administrative experience at UNLV, specializing in optimization of research space and core research facilities. He served first as the associate vice president for research and currently is the acting dean of the College of Sciences. 

He remains active in applied ecological research, particularly issues related to climate change, renewable energy installation in arid lands, and water resource issues.  He serves of the Bureau of Land Management's Resource Advisory Committee, advising the BLM on land management issues.


  • Ph.D. in ecology, Arizona State University M.S. and B.S. in Biology, New Mexico State University

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