Simon Jowitt

Assistant Professor of Economic Geology
Expertise: Tectonics, Mining, Mineral Deposits, Mineral Economics, Global Metal Resources, Magma


Simon Jowitt is an expert the use of geochemistry to unravel geological processes, igneous petrology, mineral exploration, and global tectonics.

His research specialties include mining, mineral deposits, magma, and global metal resources. He also focuses on mineral economics and the “economic” side of economic geology.

Jowitt has published more than 70 scientific papers to date, including in the publications Ore Geology Reviews, the Journal of Petrology, Lithos, and Economic Geology. He has also been called upon by media to discuss mining operations all over the world.


  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Leicester
  • M.Sc., Mining Geology, University of Exeter
  • B.Sc., Geology, University of Edinburgh

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Simon Jowitt In The News

O Petroleo
April 7, 2021
For years, the United States and China have fought a war over technology, trade and capital markets. Tensions between the world's major economies reached a feverish peak during the term of former President Trump, leading to escalating tariffs and trade restrictions.
Mining Journal
March 11, 2021
Demand for platinum is set to total 7.9Moz in 2021, resulting in a market deficit of 60,000oz.
Teller Report
December 30, 2020
As the transition to clean energy gains momentum, the United States faces the dilemma that it is almost completely subordinate to China in terms of the rare minerals it uses to build clean energy systems.
July 30, 2020
In the latest round of feuding between the world’s leading economies, China has vowed to retaliate after the United States ordered its consulate in Houston shut within 72 hours. Although the latest move by Washington is being viewed as an attempt by President Trump’s campaign strategists to deflect attention for his failure to deal decisively with the Covid-19 pandemic, it could quickly escalate into another ugly tit-for-tat trade war. As trade and political tensions between Washington and Beijing flare up, the specter of China using rare earth minerals as a ‘nuclear option’ has once again resurfaced.

Articles Featuring Simon Jowitt

Simon Jowitt
People | May 1, 2017
This economic geologist talks about being in a state where the mining industry thrives and about the difficulty of getting his 6-foot 4-inch frame into a running helicopter on rough ground.