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Ralf Sudowe

Associate Professor, Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences

Expertise: Radioanalytical methods , Radiochemical separations , Nuclear forensics , Radioactivity in the environment , Health physics


Ralf Sudowe is an associate professor for the department of health physics and diagnostic sciences within the School of Allied Health Sciences. He teaches health physics and radiochemistry.

His research focuses on the development of advanced radioanalytical techniques and radiochemical separations for a variety of tasks, especially new procedures for the detection of biologically relevant radionuclides in the environment. The aim of his work is to make new radioanalytical methods available that will lower the detection limits for radionuclides of interest, improve the separation from interfering elements and facilitate a fast analysis of a large number of samples. 

Sudowe’s interests include the development of advanced separation procedures for the productions of radionuclides for diagnostics and therapy in nuclear medicine, and the study of the chemical behavior of the transactinide elements (Z ≥ 104) in solution, which gives valuable insight about the trends in the periodic table and the influence of relativistic effects on the chemical properties of the heaviest elements.


  • M.S., Chemistry, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany
  • Ph.D., Nuclear Chemistry, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

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