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Melissa Michal Slocum

Visiting Assistant Professor in Native American/Indigenous Literatures

Expertise: American Indian literature, curriculum, education, trauma, genocide


Melissa Michal Slocum is of Seneca descent and teaches and writes about creative writing and literature. Her work focuses on representation of Indigenous histories and literatures in education, including how her community's Good Mind serves as a way to not just incorporate Indigenous issues in the classroom but also to understand them.

Slocum’s creative work explores historical trauma and resilience within her own community. She is currently guest editing an issue of Transmotion focused on American Indian genocide, erasure, and absence. Additionally, her work has appeared in The Florida Review, Yellow Medicine Review, and the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program’s Narrative Witnessing project.

Her short story collection, Living On the Borderlines, is due out with the Feminist Press in winter 2018, and was a finalist for the Louise Meriwether first book prize. She finished her novel, Along the Hills, and is now working on a non-fiction collection, Broken Blood, as well as her critical monograph, Haudenosaunee Good Mind: Combating Literary Erasure and Genocide of American Indian Presence with Literature Curriculum and Literary Criticism.


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • M.A., Pennsylvania State University
  • M.F.A., Chatham University