Donna Costa

Program Director & Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Program
Expertise: Mindfulness-based therapy, Occupational Therapy (OT) education, Client-centered therapy, Mental health


Donna Costa is a national leading expert in the field of occupational therapy, with 47 years of experience in the practice areas of mental health, academic education, and mindfulness-based interventions.

Costa’s research focuses on evidence-based practice, mental health-focused treatments, and client-centered therapy. She specializes in providing mindfulness-based interventions for stress reduction, chronic pain management, and cognitive therapy. 

She came to UNLV in 2017 to develop a three-year doctorate degree in occupational therapy, which opened in summer 2020. She has authored three books on fieldwork education and has published numerous research articles for the journal, OT Practice


  • Doctor of Health Sciences, University of Indianapolis
  • Master of Science, The New School for Social Research
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Buffalo
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Buffalo

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Donna Costa In The News

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