Danica G. Hays

Professor of Counselor Education
Executive Associate Dean, College of Education
Expertise: Domestic violence intervention, Community mental health, Multicultural and social justice considerations, Mental health assessment and diagnosis


Danica G. Hays is professor of counselor education and executive associate dean of the College of Education at UNLV. She earned a doctorate in counselor education and supervision, with an emphasis in multicultural research, from Georgia State University. Her research interests include qualitative methodology, assessment and diagnosis, trauma and gender issues, and multicultural and social justice concerns in counselor preparation and community mental health.

She has published around 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters. She is co-editor of Qualitative Inquiry in Clinical and Educational Settings, Developing Multicultural Counseling Competency: A Systems Approach, and A Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments. In addition, she is associate and content editor of the American Counseling Association Encyclopedia of Counseling, co-author of Mastering the NCE and CPCE, and author of Assessment in Counseling: A Guide to Psychological Assessment Procedures.

She has extensive leadership history in the Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. The American Counseling Association has recognized her nationally for her research and advocacy as a counselor educator.


  • Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision, Georgia State University
  • M.S. Professional Counseling, Georgia State University