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doctor consulting patient
People | June 11, 2018
For children with rare conditions, UNLV Medicine surgeon restores the ability to show happiness.
Portrait Joann Strobbe
People | June 4, 2018
Helping build a medical school from scratch is a rare opportunity this new staffer says she couldn’t ignore.
doctor talking to staff member
People | May 31, 2018
Although high school teachers discouraged him, Michael G. Scheidler was determined to become a doctor.
white coat with UNLV School of Medicine logo
Campus News | May 15, 2018
University physicians say advances in treatment provide promising options.
man at desk
Campus News | April 11, 2018
School of Medicine professor Dr. John Ham leads state's only organ transplant program.
carolyn goodman with city skyline in the background
People | March 28, 2018
Mayor Carolyn Goodman predicts progress in Las Vegas, courtesy of the UNLV School of Medicine and its founding dean.
signage that says "research"
Research | March 21, 2018
UNLV research administrators on creating an environment to connect faculty from different disciplines.
doctor in ultrasound room
People | February 28, 2018
Dr. Michael Gardner knows the impact that fostering a culture for excellence can have on a patient's care.
woman at front of classroom
People | January 25, 2018
UNLV School of Medicine student Lauren Hollifield was inspired by her experiences abroad to come back to Las Vegas to practice medicine.