Su Kim Chung

Head of Special Collections Public Services

Su Kim Chung has been immersed in the history of UNLV and Las Vegas since she began work in the Libraries' Special Collections Division in 1999. Since then, she has helped dozens of researchers in their quest to find significant and interesting historical documents and photographs on the history of Las Vegas. In 2012, the revised and updated second edition of her popular photo history book Las Vegas Then and Now was published by Thunder Bay Press.

Articles by Su Kim Chung

Business and Community | January 30, 2014
As the state celebrates its 150th year, special collections librarian Su Kim Chung shares her picks for the most important records on early Las Vegas history.
UNLV History | December 23, 2013
Our students once looked forward to this annual formal dance that featured a queen and her court.
UNLV History | November 20, 2013
50 years ago, the student body welcomed the president to Las Vegas then soon lamented his death in Rebel Yell editorials.
UNLV History | September 19, 2013
Not all library visitors have been two-legged humans. In the "Tumbleweed Tech" days, patrons sometimes slithered their way in or slurped from the fountain.
UNLV History | August 26, 2013
Fall events gathered UNLV's first students for fun on the shores of Lake Mead and formal dances in the old gymnasium.