Raegen Pietrucha

Director of Communications, UNLV Division of Research and Economic Development

Articles by Raegen Pietrucha

Lara Turello
Research | September 28, 2016
Join the discussion at Research Week 2016, Oct. 3-7.
The Harry Reid Research and Technology Park at sunset
Business and Community | September 14, 2016
Under the guidance of Gardner, development of the UNLV Research Park will begin this fall, creating a new economic hub in Southern Nevada.
Nate Bynum
Arts and Culture | September 8, 2016
Theatre professor Nate Bynum says today’s actors need to be more than just performers.
a collage of wood parts and a photo of a vase with roses
Research | September 2, 2016
The song you can’t get out of your head. That image burned into your memory. The scene that melts even the most hardened hearts.
Brett Levner
Arts and Culture | August 24, 2016
Film professor Brett Levner leaves behind reality TV to fight the very real issue of underage sex trafficking.
Ryan Francis presents his group's project
Research | August 9, 2016
The office of undergraduate research helps UNLV students learn, grow, and shine.
Student jogs in indoor facility
Business and Community | August 3, 2016
MealCheck Technologies, Inc. will produce the UNLV invention, which combines the best of existing fitness-monitoring devices to make dieting or staying healthy easier than ever.
Diana Pena and Ai-Sun (Kelly) Tseng
Research | July 7, 2016
A fascination with tissue restoration inspires a UNLV professor and undergraduate student to team up to understand how frogs might impact the fate of humankind.
Dawn Lantero
People | June 6, 2016
This research administrator knows how to keep campus discovery moving forward.