Kevin Dunegan

Communications Specialist for the schools of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Articles by Kevin Dunegan

Rachell Ekroos
People | April 3, 2017
A lifelong commitment to help never-served populations is one of the things that drew this nursing professor to her profession.
Danylle Hitchen
People | March 6, 2017
Danylle Hitchen’s “one day at a time motto” guides her through life’s adventures.
Benjamin Barborka
People | February 21, 2017
This dentist's tip for success is to avoid the temptation to take shortcuts since only persistence and hard work are going to get you where you want to be.
Dieu-My Tran
People | September 26, 2016
The emphasis on research and achieving Top Tier status drew this nursing professor to UNLV.
Brian Schilling
People | August 29, 2016
The chair of the department of kinesiology and nutrition sciences says his interest in the field sprang from his years as an athlete.
closeup of a runner's shoes
Research | August 24, 2016
UNLV research shows you might need to literally walk a mile in someone's shoes to find the best fit.
Merrill Landers works with balance testing equipment
Research | August 18, 2016
Physical activity can help protect us from Parkinson’s, researcher Merrill Landers says.
Dr. Tanya Al-Talib
People | August 8, 2016
Always placing patients first is this orthodontist's tip for success for anyone working in a health care field.
Ronald T. Brown
People | March 18, 2016
Brown is an accomplished psychologist and academic leader with previous stops at University of North Texas, Wayne State and Temple; he will begin Aug. 1.