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Social Media Strategist

Articles by Katy Griffin

Two students pose for a photo wearing matching t-shirts while the camera focuses on a photo screen while the photo is being taken.
Campus News | September 21, 2018
A spirited week on campus as sororities welcomed new members and students ran together during the sixth annual Undie Run.
A collage of images showing an Instagram photo of a female student petting two white miniature horses as well as students walking into the Lied Library under palm trees.
Campus News | September 14, 2018
You never know what you'll find on campus. Bonus: The community helps us celebrate our 61st anniversary.
A collage of photos. One photo showcases a student using his laptop on a couch surrounded by other students. Another photo shows tens of students walking down a tree-lined campus sidewalk.
Campus News | September 7, 2018
Two weeks into the semester, students are setting goals, hitting the books, and documenting their Rebel journey.
A collage of images showing a student biking down a busy campus sidewalk, surrounded by green trees. Another student poses in a residence hall with a sign that says "First Day of School 13th Grade."
Campus News | August 31, 2018
Rebels share their excitement during the first week of classes. Bonus: A look at the 23rd annual Premier UNLV.
A collage of photos showing rows of students seated in red t-shirts as well as groups of students in red t-shirts walking down a sidewalk.
Campus News | August 24, 2018
Get caught up in the enthusiasm of students (and some parents) at UNLV's signature welcome events.
A photo showing red flowers blooming at sunrise with mountains in the background as well as a photo of a student smiling at the camera in front of a lake.
Campus News | August 17, 2018
Hop on over to this Instagram account for a biologist’s take on science and art.
A two-photo collage. One photo showcase three students walking up steps with books. Another photo showcases tens of students wearing red shirts on welcome day walking away from the camera.
Campus News | August 10, 2018
As the first day of class approaches (in 17 days to be exact), our Rebel community gears up for another successful semester.
A collage of images showing the Hey Reb! mascot pointing at the camera and a photo of a campus sidewalk filled with students walking and biking.
Campus News | July 27, 2018
Hey Reb! shows off his dance moves. Bonus: The Rebel Report visits the Team USA Basketball camp.
A collage of images showing a snapshot of Hailey posing with a UNLV alumna as well as a close-up shot of a blue 3D printed hand held by a student in a red UNLV Engineering t-shirt.
Campus News | July 20, 2018
Hailey Dawson and her family have visited 22 ballparks (and counting) on her journey to throw out the first pitch for every MLB team.