Karyn S. Hollingsworth

Articles by Karyn S. Hollingsworth

Portrait Marta Meana
Research | April 20, 2018
Honors College Dean Marta Meana’s research dispels stereotypes surrounding women’s sexuality and changes the way doctors treat patients.
The Believer Festival graphic
Arts and Culture | April 4, 2018
Two-day Black Mountain Institute event features literary, music, and visual artists.
Oprah Winfrey with her arm around Tayari Jones
People | March 22, 2018
The Black Mountain Institute fellow talks storytelling, social issues, and that fateful call for Oprah's Book Club.
professor Rachael Robnett
Research | December 8, 2017
UNLV study analyzes power dynamics in marital relationships and reveals perceptions of men whose wives retain their own surname.
Len Jessup, Harry Reid and Jon Huntsman Sr.
Campus News | November 15, 2017
Faculty hire, expected as early as Fall 2018, will further position UNLV history department as leader in the study of the Intermountain West.
Portrait of Marieta Simeonova Pissarro
People | November 13, 2017
The new director of the English Language Center says collaboration is key to helping international students attain English proficiency.
Len Dessup shakes hands with Jon Huntsman, Sr. with Sen. Harry Reid watching on
Campus News | June 26, 2017
Jon Huntsman Sr. gift honors Sen. Harry Reid and will help position UNLV history department as leader in study of the Intermountain West.
Gold Butte National Monument Petroglyphs
Business and Community | June 22, 2017
Sociology-based program connects students to community issues and social justice causes.
Gary Totten
People | June 5, 2017
This chair of the English department finds the diversity of UNLV a good match for his interest in multi-ethnic literature.