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Who’s Got Spirit? These Four Rebels

The “Most Spirited Rebel” contestants share the reasons they rep for the Rebels wherever they go.

Finding the campus' Most Spirited Rebel has become an annual Homecoming tradition. Contestants vie for the title by winning a trivia contest with the winner receiving a $500 scholarship. This year, Mark Chisolm won and had the honor of leading the Homecoming parade.

Homecoming festivities will continue through the weekend with the Friday night football game, Saturday's Andy Katz Memorial Golf Tournament, and Sunday's Red Rebel 5k Color Run.

Mark Chisolm

Journalism and media studies major

For Chisolm, being named “Most Spirited” would cap be a feather in his cap as an undergraduate orientation leader and the homecoming coordinator for his fraternity.

How do you show your school spirit?

Nine times out of 10, I’m wearing a UNLV shirt. Over the summer, I was an orientation leader and probably sang the fight song 100 times. Being an orientation leader really made me fall more in love with UNLV. Every year I try to participate in one more thing than the previous year.

What does being a Rebel mean to you?

Our school isn’t like other schools and we don’t want to be — that’s what’s dope about us. We do things our way. We do it how we want to do it. That’s what being a Rebel is all about.

Jordyn "JoVee" Jarrett

Psychology major

Jarrett said this Homecoming is particularly important as it comes so soon after the anniversary of the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Homecoming, she said, offers another opportunity for the UNLV community to showcase how they are #VegasStrong. “Homecoming is our way of coming back together as one while fighting for the win.

How do you promote school spirit?

I am willing to rep the Rebs whether I am bearing the Las Vegas heat, enduring the Minnesota cold, enjoying the farmlands in Idaho, or in the big blue sea up North (Reno) because it is who I am and someone I am extremely proud to be. I wear my UNLV lanyard on my keys. I keep a UNLV Hey Reb sticker attached to my laptop. My car struts my UNLV license plate. I promote rebel spirit day in and day out to let everyone know that I am a rebel no matter where I go and they can expect that I will act in a respectful manner always upholding UNLV standards while accepting all that may come my way.

What does being a Rebel mean to you?

To me, being a rebel was getting away from home to pursue my education and life without staying complacent in my home city. Being a rebel has always been turning around and saying “Watch me” to the people who tell me I am incapable or not able to pursue certain dreams. Being a rebel is accepting change, embracing diversity, and challenging myself. Being a rebel means being exactly who I am and not being judged. Being a rebel means being me.

Sam Nunley

Journalism and media studies major

Homecoming is a moment to celebrate the direction the university is headed for Nunley. “The future of UNLV is bright, and the credit is due to the diligent work of UNLV alumni, administrators, professors, and current students.

How do you show your school spirit?

In all of my classes, I constantly try to spread my positive energy with those around me, as I believe the greatest way to show school spirit is to maintain a positive attitude when given the opportunity to impact someone’s thoughts. I always try to show my peers in all of my classes how much I want to be right where I am.

What does being a Rebel mean to you?

A UNLV Rebel is open-minded. When a Rebel is faced with an appropriate situation out of their comfort zone, they do not turn their cheek in fear. A Rebel is open to trying new things and does not back down from learning a new skill, experiencing something new, and making a new memory.
A UNLV Rebel thrives on diversity. As an out-of-state student from West Virginia, I had never experienced how beautiful and diverse the world could be before coming to Las Vegas to attend UNLV as a freshman. My mind was immediately opened, and I relished in the beauty and opportunity that the No. 1 most diverse campus in the nation offers.
A UNLV Rebel realizes the importance of their academics. A Rebel maintains passion behind their academic studies and encourages their peers to maintain academic success as well.
A UNLV Rebel values the social aspects that come with the college experience. Social interactions and engagements are an important aspect of life, both within a student’s college years and beyond. It’s the friendships and relationships that a Rebel forms today that changes them for the better and last a lifetime.
Being a UNLV Rebel has not become ‘what’ I am, but ‘who’ I am. I am a UNLV Rebel, and I am proud of who I have become throughout my years at UNLV.

Alexa Palmucci

Journalism and media studies major

Homecoming shows the importance of community service at UNLV, Palmucci said. “It’s a time of fun, teamwork, and connecting not just for the groups and organizations, but the individuals as well. Walking around campus you can just see the happiness in the eyes of everyone including students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

How do you show your school spirit?

I promote school spirit by showing up to tons of UNLV events, such as sporting events, speaker events, booths and much more. I answer questions and tell my family and friends about the school. I constantly represent the university by showing the oldest and newest school gear everywhere I go. This way, people throughout the entire city and any other cities I go to can automatically know that I am proud to be a Rebel.

What does being a Rebel mean to you?

Being a Rebel means following in my fathers’ footsteps and experiencing UNLV in a similar way as him. He means the world to me and UNLV meant the world to him. UNLV has helped strengthen our bond/relationship. I can not thank this university enough for that. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas means strong bonds and strength through family and the world.

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