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Study Week Stress Busting

Take some advice from these Rebels: Don't hit the books quite so hard.

Campus News  |  Dec 6, 2018  |  By Josh Hawkins

CJ Schmid

Hospitality freshman outside Hospitality Hall participating in a PGA Reach Foundation outreach program

On handing stress: “Everybody’s in serious grind-time mode and that can be unfortunate because your brain gets fried. So we think [this] is a great way to relieve stress and help people relax. Most people see this putting green and think of golf as this special little sport that only certain people can play. We think here at UNLV we want to rebel about that status quo and get weird a little bit."

Abdul Razzaque

Biology junior in the game room at the Student Union

Success: “We’ve gotten pretty involved with 8-Bit [UNLV esports club] community. We got pretty big this year. My biggest achievement was helping out with that. And also, the biggest gaming tournament here in Vegas is called Evo. This was my first year competing in it. I did pretty well. I placed in top 20 percent.”

A tip: “Everyone is going to be getting those grades you don’t like. You have to look at it but move on. But it does help out to hang out with your friends.”

Emily Pinkston

Pre-business junior in the game room at the Student Union

A success: “Making a smooth transition from being a music major into business.”

On handing stress: “You have to balance out your workload with whatever you find enjoyable — whether it’s TV or this. You can’t overwork yourself; otherwise you’ll just go straight into the ground."

Ramone Jenkins

Biology senior at the Sigma Sigma Sigma car smash event on Pida Plaza

A success: “Getting through molecular biology. It’s just tough. Took a lot of overtime studying.”

On handing stress: “I listen to music. And try to do things like this … Smashing cars feels great. I took 38 hits total. I’m way de-stressed right now.”

Denver Renner

Kinesiology sophomore at the Sigma Sigma Sigma car smash event on Pida Plaza

A success: “It has nothing to do with school, but signing up for my first powerlifting meet. I’m in training right now.”

On handing stress: “I don’t normally get stressed. My philosophy is [to ask]: Is there something I can do about it? If the answer is yes, then I’m going to do something about it. If the answer is no, then I don’t worry about it because there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Ashlee Nelson

Communication studies senior at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center

A success: “Oh my gosh, I think I’m most proud of being on pom team for the second year and being involved with the campus through everything that that team entails. And also winning homecoming queen was really exciting. I’m looking forward to graduating this spring.”

On handing stress: “I participate in all these different activities that the Rec Center put on. I’m going to yoga classes and taking some time for myself with some study breaks. It’s easy to be in your own bubble and just do your own thing but there are so many different activities on campus to help students destress.”

Erard Johnson

Mechanical engineering freshman at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center

On handing stress: “I work out, obviously. We usually do this three to four times a week. Other than that, hanging out with friends. You have to make time for yourself. You can’t cram your card. Make time for you school but make time for yourself.”

Nick Huff

Graphic design junior on the second floor art gallery in the Student Union

On handing stress: "I don't stress too much. That’s always been my issue with testing: you stress too much and don’t actually focus on studying. I find time to study but I find time to relax. You never properly function if you’re thinking too much. It blinds you from the actual test itself."