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Rebels Canvas the City for Service Day

115 UNLV volunteers fan out across the city to help community nonprofits.

Business & Community  |  Jun 13, 2018  |  By Jason Scavone
Children and a college student plant seeds

The kindergartners cavorted in the background. That’s what kindergartners should do, after all: cavort, maybe caper. The occasional gambol.

The more serious-minded and mature students — the second-graders – were busy working another part of the Kermit R Booker Sr. Innovative Elementary School field, where four box gardens — decorated S, T, E, M for science, technology, engineering, and math — occupied one corner of the field.

There, volunteers from UNLV for the school’s Day of Service, in conjunction with volunteers from the Create a Change organization, showed the second-grade class how to plant seeds that would grow into vegetables the kids would eventually take home, and hopefully, in the process, begin a foundation of healthy eating.

The six students who went to Booker Elementary Sept. 29 were part of the Rebel Service Day, a once-per-semester volunteer outing that this fall saw 115 students, faculty and staff combine to serve at 10 different non-profit sites in Las Vegas for 230 community service hours.

A child works with a UNLV volunteer

Children plant seeds in a gardenChildren crowd around a UNLV student

Popsicle sticks mark rows of plantsTwo students pack teddy bearsA student tosses a teddy bear to a colleague