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The Music Mogul: Chris Berry

Berry transferred to UNLV so he could mash up communication studies with business to prepare for a career in the music industry.

People  |  May 9, 2018  |  By UNLV News Center
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Christopher Berry, ’18 BA Interdisciplinary Studies

Editor's Note: 

Chris Berry is one of the students we're featuring as we celebrate spring 2018 commencement. Join us in congratulating our newest alumni in social media with #UNLVGrad. Full ceremony details on the commencement website.


I chose multidisciplinary studies because I felt like no one course curriculum incorporated everything I wanted to learn. Makes things a little nerve-wracking because you don’t have a set path for what comes next. (But) I have a keen interest in the music industry. In doing research, I realized I wanted a strong business background as well as a strong communications background.


My capstone project explains that explains the importance of hip hop to poetic urbanism. I hope to go to Berklee College of Music for a master’s in music production in Valencia, Spain.


When a challenge comes up, you just have to jump over that hurdle. There are going to be challenges.

Being a Rebel Means

The ability to choose an interdisciplinary program and to have to hand pick what my courses will be. To go against the grain and figure out what my next step is as opposed to that answer kind of being given to me.