Savvy Miller smiles at a pumpkin patch.
People | July 29, 2022
Pre-Nursing major knew UNLV was the one during her first campus visit.
family photo of four women
Arts and Culture | July 29, 2022
Opening reception for the exhibition curated by professor Erika Abad will be Sept. 2.
woman posing in studio
People | July 28, 2022
Lee School of Business employee is first runner-up for the 2022 President's Classified Employee of the Year.
woman in commencement regalia
People | July 27, 2022
Dr. Sadaf Fakhra never gave up on her goal of becoming a doctor despite years of challenges.
Student working in campus lab.
Research | July 26, 2022
Scholarships and career-readiness support help talented students succeed at UNLV and beyond.
photo illustration of woman with icon of a group of people
People | July 26, 2022
The history-making program manager helps shape college women leaders and advocates for human rights.
two photos of the same student, one with nursing scrubs the other in costume
People | July 26, 2022
UNLV nursing student fills in on the Cirque du Soliel stage when he's not in class.
man pointing to a muscle group outlined with marker on a bodybuilder
Campus News | July 25, 2022
The hands-on activities in this intro class makes the challenging material fun to learn for future health professionals.
woman posing
Arts and Culture | July 21, 2022
All the music on new Clocks in Motion Percussion album, Oneira, composed by UNLV's Jennifer Bellor.
woman posing in studio
People | July 21, 2022
Academic Success Center employee named a President’s 2022 Classified Employees of the Year.
woman posing outdoors
Research | July 20, 2022
Vanessa Núñez focuses on the role of faculty and staff in shaping institutional policies to support undocumented students.
young man with hands covering face
Campus News | July 19, 2022
UNLV Health team helps patients cope with confusing mental health disorder.