woman posing in lobby
People | September 21, 2022
A focus on literacy set the foundation for Zaria Rayes' path to medical school.
artist conception of large outdoor telescope
Research | September 21, 2022
New study by international team of scientists reveals an evolving, magnetized environment and surprising source location for deep-space fast radio bursts – observations that defy current understanding.
woman posing in front of "Grad-titude" signage
People | September 21, 2022
Leslie Mujica's volunteer work on campus aimed at opening more doors for lower-income students.
microscopic images of bacteria
Research | September 20, 2022
The SeqCode is a universal system, created through collaboration of hundreds of scientists, to formally register and name single-celled microorganisms known as prokaryotes. 
woman posing next to building models
People | September 20, 2022
Landscape architect and Fine Arts Alumna of the Year Cecilia Schafler finds the Mojave Desert fertile grounds when it comes to inspiration.
man in architecture office
People | September 20, 2022
From artist to architect, the impact UNLV had on Dwayne Eshenbaugh resulted in a lifelong devotion to his alma mater and addressing social issues.
photo illustration of man with UNLV background graphics
People | September 19, 2022
The new UNLV residential life director is focused on creating a 'second-home' for on-campus students.
woman sitting outside
People | September 15, 2022
Even after relocating to Phoenix, engineering alumna Lisa Freestone continues to prove a loyal, active, and generous Rebel.
UNLV Health Signage
People | September 15, 2022
The program, which will be awarded $190,000 a year, provides care to women, infants, children, and youth who are infected with or affected by HIV. 
The physical therapy tactics around artificial limbs may soon change.
Research | September 15, 2022
UNLV-led research advances rehabilitation for those living with artificial limbs.
woman posing by sign saying "commitment to excellence"
People | September 15, 2022
Nevada's superintendent of public instruction found inspiration to become a teacher out on the slopes.
David Norse teaching a class.
Business and Community | September 14, 2022
Understanding the fast-changing media landscape will help students become well-rounded content practitioners.