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urban affairs Experts

Professor, Social Work

An expert in welfare policies and programs.

Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Studies

An expert in free speech, the media, and First Amendment issues

Professor of Public Policy

Lee Bernick is a professor with expertise in state and local public policy, survey research, public budgeting, and legislative behavior.

Assistant Professor in Communication Studies

As expert on science communication, religion and politics.

Department Chair, Communication Studies

Assistant Professor, Journalism and Media Studies

An expert on social and emerging media.

Social Media Sports Coordinator, Journalism and Media Studies

An expert in sports media.

Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Leadership

An expert in violence prevention programs.

Professor, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs School of Social Work

An expert in child welfare and foster care, children’s mental health, and juvenile justice. 

Visiting Lecturer of Journalism

An expert in health journalism. 

Professor, Communication Studies

An expert on pop culture and television.

Assistant Professor of Governance

An expert in public policy and governance.

Director of Underwriting and Corporate Sponsorship

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

An expert in climate change and environmental risks.