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Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

child on a tablet device
Jul 18, 2017

Benjamin Burroughs studies how new media industries channel children’s attention.

ariel view of campus
Jun 27, 2017
Business & Community

UNLV's community engagement office fosters collaboration with entities throughout Southern Nevada for the betterment of both.

Graduate student Schuyler Roberson presents to class
Jun 20, 2017
Business & Community

Participants in the School of Public Policy’s Grantwell course make big-money decisions to help local nonprofits

Erika Schumacher at Red Rock Canyon
Jun 16, 2017

Erika Schumacher leans on her experiences as a chief ranger of public lands to coordinate the UNLV emergency crisis management program.

Children participate in Rebel Girls dance camp
Jun 9, 2017
Campus News

With a variety of university-sponsored camps taking place both on and off campus, UNLV is anything but quiet this summer

John Wagner in his office at the Fifth Street School
Jun 7, 2017
Business & Community

Nonprofit, Community, and Leadership Initiative works to bolster and improve collaboration between groups

Leslie Fitzsimmons
May 30, 2017

Building community connections is a focus of this new underwriting director for KUNV Radio.

Oriana Galasso
May 24, 2017

Student worker Oriana Galasso advises HOPE scholars on making the adjustment to UNLV.

Jennifer Guthrie with two sets of hands on her shoulders
Apr 27, 2017

Study highlights the importance of effective communication between survivors of domestic violence and the shelter staff who help them.

Tubes containing cannabis
Apr 25, 2017
Business & Community

UNLV alumni tell us why they took a chance on Nevada’s budding marijuana industry.

Sara Leoni
Apr 25, 2017

Sara Leoni, the College of Urban Affairs Alumna of the Year, finds that a great team can last a lifetime.

Closeup of books
Apr 18, 2017

From professional reasons to personal connections, faculty across campus share why they’re fond of certain works they penned.

Greenspun Hall
Apr 6, 2017

Kevin Stoker, a media ethics expert most recently with Texas Tech University, will join the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs July 1.

Breanna Boppre
Apr 6, 2017

Breanna Boppre channeled her childhood experience into a lifelong goal of bringing changes to the incarceration system in order to help people rebuild their lives.