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Department of Sociology

Alyssa Crittenden
Dec 26, 2017

UNLV researchers made international headlines this year with their discoveries. Here's a round up of some of our top stories of 2017.

Gold Butte National Monument Petroglyphs
Jun 22, 2017
Business & Community

Sociology-based program connects students to community issues and social justice causes.

Gwynn Hobbs Grant speaks at a podium
Jun 1, 2017

Former UNLV basketball player Gwynn Hobbs Grant encourages Native American youths to create their own success.

Apr 27, 2017
Business & Community

Offered for the first time this year, the Community Engagement Awards recognize four UNLV employees for commitment to community-focused research and service.

Herb J. Santos Jr.
Apr 25, 2017

Herb J. Santos Jr., the Liberal Arts Alumnus of the Year, finds opportunity in adversity.

Georgiann Davis speaks at Ted Talks
Apr 11, 2017

Sociologist Georgiann Davis embraces her public persona as she delves into sociological issues in the medical community.

Georgiann Davis speaks at TEDxUNLV
Dec 15, 2016

Georgiann Davis, intersex educator and advocate, seeks to inform the current sociopolitical discourse on the subject through her new book.

students talk in class
Aug 19, 2016
Campus News

As the campus gears up to host the final presidential debate, UNLV professors are making direct connections between their course materials and this year's ground-breaking election season.

Mayara Cueto-Diaz
Jun 29, 2016

Mayara Cueto-Diaz of the Boyd School of Law arrived at UNLV as a student, but liked the university atmosphere so much she decided to find a full-time campus job after graduation.

Valarie Burke and son Jace
Jun 2, 2016

One of the Administrative Faculty Member of the Year Award winners, the Graduate College's Valarie Burke has been part of UNLV since arriving as an undergraduate 14 years ago.

Georgiann Davis
Mar 31, 2016
Campus News

UNLV program that embeds a professor in the residence halls aims at boosting student engagement.

Claytee D. White
Jan 7, 2016

A compilation of UNLV media coverage profiling just a few of the many people of UNLV who made an impact in the community in 2015.

Georgiann Davis
Oct 7, 2015

In her University Forum lecture, sociology professor Georgiann Davis discusses how intersex people navigate their lives.

Las Vegas strip
Oct 7, 2015

UNLV professor Bo Bernhard — a keynote speaker for UNLV Research Week Oct. 12-16 — explains how the science of intelligence bends in the direction of UNLV.