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nursing In The News

Feb 6, 2017

At the private practice where Susan VanBeuge works as a nurse practitioner, she and the practice’s physician complement each other. The physician, who often takes on a more clinical demeanor, introduces the nurse as the patient’s advocate and champion.

Nov 15, 2016

No nurse — in fact, no patient, no wide-eyed puppy, no sentient creature anywhere — should ever have to face Dr. Sandy Beirle when she’s looking for missing lab results. Take Caitlin Bagwell, a student at the UNLV school of nursing, who recently walked into an examination room and offered Beirle an innocent “Good morning.”

Aug 17, 2016

“Eat right” — it’s usually one of the first bits of advice doled out to any dieter.

But counting every calorie and tracking grams of sugar and fat in a diet can be a hassle, one many dieters put off or avoid entirely.

Apr 19, 2016

Rhigel “Jay” Tan knew there had to be a better way. Like many of his colleagues, the UNLV professor and psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner had long been skeptical of the trial-and-error approach to prescribing medicine for mental health patients.

Oct 29, 2015

Being stressed may seem like a problem as fleeting as the bad day that may have caused it, but it is believed to add up.

Aug 17, 2015

Diabetes specialists Tomas Walker and Aimee Jose, who graduated five years apart from UNLV's nursing school, are each playing a role in the creation of a so-called artificial pancreas system, a mobile app-based tool that monitors and balances blood sugar levels.

Jul 13, 2015
Nursing is among the most rewarding careers, but also one of the most demanding – long hours, irregular schedules, emotionally involved. You’ve probably heard by now that the key to better pay and higher positions in nursing is further education, but who has the time to go back to school when you have a challenging job, and, perhaps, a family to care for?
Jul 7, 2015
When Scott Lamprecht started his career, he was the only male nurse among 80 staffers in his unit at an Illinois hospital.
Jul 5, 2015
When Scott Lamprecht started his career, he was the only male nurse among 80 staffers in his unit at an Illinois hospital.
Jul 2, 2015
Second-grader Milan Frederick, 8, received Guy Elementary School’s Citizenship Award, High Achiever Award, Art Award, the Test Math 2-12 Ribbons Award and was on the All A Honor Roll. She is the daughter of Anthony and Victoria Frederick and granddaughter of Elton and Sandra Linton, all of North Las Vegas.
Jul 1, 2015
The intricate research Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, RN, DNSc, RN, CNE, has been conducting on muscle crush injury has its roots in her early nursing studies. “As a nursing student, I learned about the effects of sleep deprivation on the immune system,” she said. This piqued her interest on how the immune system has an impact on injury recovery.
Jun 29, 2015
It’s the last thing you want to hear before heading off for a relaxing afternoon poolside, but here goes: Don’t think of it as swimming. Think of it as taking a bath with a few hundred strangers.
Jun 21, 2015
Summer has arrived, and with higher temperatures and sunny weather comes the increased chance that we two-legged desert creatures will interact, unexpectedly and potentially painfully, with some of our four-, six-, eight- and no-legged desert neighbors.
Jun 7, 2015
Your blood pressure is creeping up a bit, so you’re finally taking your doctor’s advice and shopping for a home blood-pressure monitor.
May 17, 2015
Tina Encheva is sitting in a chair in front of five women, all of them lying on their backs on top of spongy yoga mats. The women’s eyes are closed and their hands rest palms down just above their hearts.
May 8, 2015
Health nuts, medical practitioners and the curious now can find more than 100 economic, social and health indicators for Clark County.
May 6, 2015
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas' School of Nursing celebrated 50 years with a ride on the SlotZilla Zipline in downtown Las Vegas on Tuesday.
Apr 26, 2015
Take a boatload of fun-seeking passengers out to sea, add a touch of norovirus, and what do you get a day or two later?