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music Accomplishments

Jan 24, 2018
Linda Lister (Music) is the author of the book So You Want to Sing Light Opera: A Guide for Performers. Just published by Rowman and Littlefield, the book is part of the National Association of Teachers of Singing "So You Want to Sing" series.

Jan 9, 2018
UNLV Opera Director Linda Lister (Music) gave a presentation at the 2018 National Opera Association conference in New Orleans on Jan.y 5. Her session “Mantra Yoga for Singers: Restoring Positivity through Affirmations and Asanas” demonstrated tools for opera performers to overcome performance anxiety as well as the increasing negativity of the digital world. 

Dec 15, 2017
Jonathan Rhodes Lee (Music) just released a new CD on Equilibrium Recordings. This album, Handel: The "Halle" Sonatas, features late 17th-century trio sonatas that traditionally have been attributed to George Frideric Handel as his earliest works. Although the authenticity of this attribution has been called into question, the works remain popular among wind players, and are masterful examples of the Italianate sonata da chiesa.  Lee, a harpsichordist, joined his colleagues Nancy Ambrose King, oboe (University of Michigan), Andrew Parker, oboe (University of Texas, Austin), and Kristin Wolfe Jensen, bassoon (University of Texas, Austin, and a former faculty member at UNLV). In addition to performing on the recording, Lee authored the CD's liner notes, which explain the historical circumstances of the works and the questions surrounding their attribution.

Nov 16, 2017
Jonathan Rhodes Lee (Music) presented a paper titled "Contrast Conceptions: (Alex) North and the South" at the annual meeting of the American Musicological Society in Rochester, New York. The AMS is the largest and most significant musicological society in North America, and its meetings attract top scholars in the field from around the world. Lee's paper explored Alex North's role in creating soundtracks for films set in the American South, and those soundtracks' relationships to contemporary views of the region.

Aug 30, 2017
David Weiller (Music) returned to the College Light Opera Company (CLOC) in Falmouth, Massachusetts, to conduct a production of The Desert Song, a popular 1926 American operetta by Sigmund Romberg. In its 49th season, CLOC is one of the oldest and most respected summer-stock theater companies in the country. It is a community in which young artists have the opportunity to practice and perfect their art in a supportive and nurturing environment. Weiller has conducted more than 50 productions there, specializing in the Gilbert & Sullivan canon, Viennese and early American operettas, and Broadway classics. 

Aug 21, 2017
Linda Lister (Music) presented a lecture at the 2017 International Congress of Voice Teachers in Stockholm, Sweden, earlier this month. Titled "Sizeism and Singing: Obesity and Anorexia from Opera to Pop," her lecture examined views on high and low weight through discussion of the issues faced by singers like Deborah Voigt, Jessye Norman, Maria Callas, Karen Carpenter, Amy Winehouse, and Adele, since both classical and pop singers now face increased scrutiny of their weight in an industry where both voice and size matter. Lister is the director of the UNLV Opera Theater.

Jun 16, 2017
Jonathan Rhodes Lee (Music) presented his research on George Frideric Handel's oratorio Joseph and His Brethren at the prestigious Hallische Händel-Festspiele (Halle Handel Festival). Each year, an international group of Handel specialists gathers in Halle, the city of the composer's birth, to share research on a given theme. This year's conference, titled "Zwischen Originalgenie und Plagiator: Händels komositorische Methode und ihre Deutungen" (Between Original Genius and Plagiarizer: Handel's Compositional Methods and their Meanings), focused on Handel's borrowing practices. Lee's presentation discovered a close relationship between Händel's Joseph and Antonio Caldara's Giuseppe that had been hitherto unnoted in scholarly literature. This research will be published in the 2018 edition of the Händel Jahrbuch, a German journal overseen by the Georg Friedrich Händel Gesellschaft and Bärenreiter press.

May 2, 2017
Jonathan Rhodes Lee (Music) presented his research at the biennial meeting of the American Handel Society (AHS) at Princeton University in April. The AHS is North America's most prestigious scholarly society devoted to the study of Handel's life and works, and its meeting attracts scholars from around the world. Lee's paper was on the oratorio Joseph and His Brethren, which he is currently editing for the Hallische-Händel Ausgabe. 

Apr 27, 2017
Michael Spicer (Music) won a prestigious 2017 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award for outstanding performance in the Graduate College Jazz Composition Category.

Apr 14, 2017
The UNLV Wind Orchestra has received numerous outstanding reviews for its latest CD, The Return. (This is the Wind Orchestra's 10th release for label Klavier, and its 19th since it began releasing music in 1994.) Fanfare recently interviewed director Thomas Leslie (Music) about the wind orchestra program and its tremendous success both in Las Vegas and around the world. Read the interview.