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UNLV School of Medicine

white coat with UNLV School of Medicine logo
May 15, 2018
Campus News

University physicians say advances in treatment provide promising options.

Portrait Edwin Oh
May 7, 2018

This neuroscientist joined UNLV to discover how DNA contributes to disease development or prevention.

man at desk
Apr 11, 2018
Campus News

School of Medicine professor Dr. John Ham leads state's only organ transplant program.

carolyn goodman with city skyline in the background
Mar 28, 2018

Mayor Carolyn Goodman predicts progress in Las Vegas, courtesy of the UNLV School of Medicine and its founding dean.

Campus skyline
Mar 27, 2018
Campus News

Awards recognize those on campus who demonstrate a commitment to community partnership

signage that says "research"
Mar 21, 2018

UNLV research administrators on creating an environment to connect faculty from different disciplines.

doctor in ultrasound room
Feb 28, 2018

Dr. Michael Gardner knows the impact that fostering a culture for excellence can have on a patient's care.

man in suit outside law building
Feb 16, 2018
Campus News

Dr. David Orentlicher is examining the intersection between medicine and policy.

Katherine Hertlein
Feb 15, 2018

Director of Couple and Family Therapy Program will research intersection of technology and relationships in Austria.

woman at front of classroom
Jan 25, 2018

UNLV School of Medicine student Lauren Hollifield was inspired by her experiences abroad to come back to Las Vegas to practice medicine.

Attendees at UNLV football game
Jan 9, 2018
Campus News

From tragedy comes strength.

Hailey Dawson and Maria Gerardi
Jan 2, 2018
Business & Community

A collection of news stories from 2017 highlighting UNLV's impact in Southern Nevada and beyond.

Hailey Dawson and Maria Gerardi
Dec 19, 2017
Campus News

Here's a few tales from 2017 sure to make you smile.

UNLV School of Medicine
Dec 6, 2017

Researchers in UNLV's Department of Surgery continue work on statewide database to quantify human and economic costs of vehicular injuries -- and to identify prevention opportunities.