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mathematical sciences Accomplishments

Dec 15, 2017
Arthur Baragar (Math) recently spoke at the Princeton/Institute for Advanced Studies number theory seminar. His talk was titled "From Counting Markoff Triples to Apollonian Packings; a Path via Elliptic K3 Surfaces and their Ample Cones." 

Dec 14, 2017
Satish C. Bhatnagar (Math) is the author of Via Bhatinda: A Braid of Reflected Memoirs, Volume II, which was published this month. This is his 10th solo book in the last seven years.

Jun 20, 2017
Forty undergraduates recently were awarded scholarships through the office of undergraduate research's summer undergraduate research funding (OUR SURF) program. These scholarships support undergraduate research, scholarship, entrepreneurial, performance, or visual art projects in the summer months. A total of $39,000 in funding was contributed by the following 11 colleges/programs: Allied Health Sciences Community Health Sciences CSUN Engineering Fine Arts Honors Liberal Arts Nursing OUR-UNLV Provost's office Sciences A full list of recipients is available online. To learn more about their projects, attend the Summer Undergraduate Research Forum on Aug. 9.  

May 8, 2017
Sharang Chaudhry (Math) and Jessica Nave-Blodgett (Psychology) recently were named by the Graduate College as recipients of the 2017-18 UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees Fellowship.The fellowship is made possible by funds from the UNLV Foundation. This prestigious award is granted over four semesters to doctoral students in the final two years of their program. Nave-Blodgett is working toward a doctoral degree in psychology. Her adviser is professor Joel Snyder. Chaudhry is pursing a doctoral degree in mathematical sciences and is being advised by professor Kaushik Ghosh.

Apr 25, 2017
Visiting Lecturer Chyna Miller, Mathematics Learning Center, has been selected from more than 500 applicants nationwide to participate in a workshop held at Tufts University that discusses how mathematics can be applied to gerrymandering issues in political districts in the United States. The first three days of the program are open to the public and available online. Selected attendees of the program’s final two days will participate in one of three specialized tracks on giving expert testimony, teaching, and working with geographic-information systems (Najmabadi, 2017). Chyna is a selected participant for the educator-track program and will join 100 educators in Boston this August.    

Apr 20, 2016
Satish Bhatnagar (Mathematical Sciences) is the author of Plums, Peaches and Pears of Education, Volume I (Trafford Publishing). The book is a personal story (in 98 independent reflections) of his life in education — as a lifetime student and part-time teacher! This is Bhatnagar's ninth book. 

Jan 8, 2016
Arthur Baragar (Mathematical Sciences) gave the opening remarks at the A-Star Winter Math Camp, which was held on the UNLV campus Dec. 19-23. The camp presents a unique opportunity for interested and talented students to improve their math skills during winter break before the upcoming competition season.

Jul 27, 2015
Satish Bhatnagar (Math) is the author of Converging Matherticles; Mathematical Reflections, Volume II, which was published in May. The first volume was published in 2010. The latest volume is his eighth book.

May 1, 2015
Peter Shiue (Mathematical Sciences) co-authored a textbook, Problems and Proofs in Numbers and Algebra. The textbook provides a foundation for solving proofs and problems as a transition to more abstract algebra and mathematics. Also, readers learn problem-solving abilities concerning proofs through numbers and algebra. The problems and theorems are focused on many diverse areas of number theory and algebra. The book was published by Springer.

Dec 1, 2014
Satish Bhatnagar (Math) published a new book, Darts on History of Mathematics, (Trafford Publishing). The book has thought-provoking angles of observation and deductive conclusions on many topics, which may look ordinary or rare. This book is for any lay person with an historical bent of mind on mathematical topics. Both undergraduate and graduate students in history of mathematics courses also would enjoy his newest publications. All reflections are independent.