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kinesiology and nutrition sciences In The News

May 22, 2017

The Marine Corps' longstanding tradition of having two-tiered fitness requirements for men and women aims to ensure fairness, but a growing chorus of critics say it creates a double standard and implies that female Marines are not as physically capable as men. It’s another political battle inside the Corps over gender and standards that stems in part from last year’s controversial decision to allow women to serve in combat units traditionally restricted to men.

Apr 24, 2017

People set all kinds of goals when they work out. Feeling better. Losing a few pounds. Becoming a bit healthier.

Dec 12, 2016

If you see a pack of adults crawling around like infants, a stronger core could be the reason why.

Oct 24, 2016

Consumers in sporting goods stores today are faced with seemingly countless choices of footwear. But are any of those innovations really helping you run longer or jump higher? And are those expensive sneakers any better?

Sep 26, 2016

Paid the security deposit and the first month’s rent. Took care of things down at the DMV. Found a few candidates for your soon-to-be-favorite coffeehouse and bar.

Jun 13, 2016

In line with the recent trend towards extreme-cushioned running shoes, researchers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) examined how, and if, more-cushioned shoes affect a person’s running economy.

May 10, 2016

A hunched back, forward-slouching shoulders and a forward-protruding head are signs that you’re either perfecting your Mr. Burns impression or you need to work on your core strength.

Mar 15, 2016

It was a routine medical procedure that first brought us together, and for me, it was love at first bite. Lemon-flavored Luigi’s Real Italian Ice was on my mostly desultory list of foods approved for colonoscopy prep. It was only 100 calories and tasted divine — sweet, with a sort-of grainy texture.

Feb 16, 2016

When you're choosing a cereal for your kids, dietitians say, you should always be mindful of one word: sugar.

Feb 10, 2016

You won't find an inch to pinch on Jessica Knurick. At 6-foot-1, the UNLV assistant professor and researcher weighs in at a lean-and-mean 150 pounds. Her total cholesterol hovers around 110, which is crazy low — in a good way.

Feb 8, 2016

In order to experience yoga's rejuvenating benefits, a class does not need to be conducted in a hot room. But today, it's not uncommon to see yoga studio room temperatures in the 90s, some even in the 100s. Most experts agree that warmer temperatures are better for stretching muscles, but skeptics will argue some classes may be pushing the boundaries of safety. A few yoga experts recently weighed in on the "hot" topic.

Jan 20, 2016

UNLV student Kyle Kimsey recently won the regional qualifying round of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards for his startup business Adler Dynamics.

Jan 19, 2016

UNLV student Kyle Kimsey recently won the regional qualifying round of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards for his startup business Adler Dynamics.

Jan 12, 2016

If you visit the website for a business called “Adler Dynamics,” you’ll see these words in bold letters: “Intelligent Solutions at the Speed of Thought.”

Sep 28, 2015

When Tedd Girouard became a certified athletic trainer in 1995, concussions weren't always treated with the sophistication that they're treated with today.

Jul 17, 2015
On a sizzling June morning in Las Vegas, 10 employees sat in an air-conditioned conference room decorated with “Star Wars” memorabilia and a mural of Darth Vader. They had gathered for a weekly meeting to discuss new internal software, the sort of routine get-together that keeps corporate America humming.
Jun 8, 2015
The Ache: Cardio workouts with ordinary sneakers are often hard on the joints.
May 17, 2015
If the claims of some probiotic foods and supplements are to be believed, you can never have too many beneficial beasties living in your gut.