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health care administration and policy Accomplishments

Jan 30, 2018
Wenlian Zhou (Dental), Pearl Kim (Health Care Administration), Jay Shen (Community Health Sciences), Joseph Greenway (Center For Health Information Analysis), and Marcia Ditmyer (Dental) recently published an article, “Preventable Emergency Department Visits for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditions: Trends and Disparities in Nevada, 2009-2015," in the American Journal of Public Health, a top journal in the field of public health.    

Jan 17, 2018
Soumya Upadhyay, (Healthcare Administration and Policy) recently published an article in the Journal of Hospital Administration titled "An environmental analysis of the evolution of readmission reduction strategies: A study of United States hospitals." Against the background of high readmission rates at hospitals, which may also lead to severe financial penalties, her paper discusses the various readmission reduction strategies that have evolved in the United States over the last two decades. Findings from her study guide hospital administrators and policy makers on the efficiency and effectiveness of health information technology as a tool to build strategies to reduce excess readmissions. Her paper also informs researchers and managers about the various legislations on healthcare quality improvement that have shaped the macro environment of our healthcare industry.

Sep 19, 2017
Jay Shen (Department of Healthcare Administration and Policy/School of Community Health Science), Catherine Dingley (Nursing), Pearl Kim (Healthcare Administration and Policy), Ji Yoo (School of Medicine) have been awarded a grant for the Tier III project of the Engaging Patients with Life-Limiting Illnesses on Receiving Palliative Care, funded by the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute. The project period is from August 2017 to July 2018. The community Co-Lead of the project is Nanette Hoole. Partners of the project include patients and caregivers, as well as palliative care providers such as the Dignity Health, Sunrise hospital, Elaine Wynn Palliative Care Program/Nathan Adleson Hospice, and Nevada Palliative Care/Infinity Hospice.     

Mar 22, 2017
Maki Muroi (Health Care Administration), working with her adviser, Jay Shen (Community Health Sciences), as well as with Alona Angosta (Nursing), published a paper, “Medication Errors, Drug Classifications, and Consequence of Errors: Are They Related?” in the January issue of Applied Nursing Research. The online version of the paper has been the most-read article since its publication on the journal's website. The paper was based on a study funded by the National Council of State Board of Nursing.

Dec 13, 2016
Takashi Yamashita (Sociology) and Jay Shen (Health Care Administration and Policy) recently published an article, "Neighborhood Effects on the Nursing Home Admissions among Older Patients in the State of Nevada, USA: Multilevel Analysis of Administrative and Census Data," in the Nevada Journal of Public Health.   

Oct 3, 2016
Jay Shen and Chris Cochran (both Health Care Administration and Policy) with their collaborators at Fudan University of China, recently published an article, “Effects of China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on Reducing Medical Impoverishment in Rural Yanbian: An Alternative Approach” on BMC Health Services Research.    

Sep 27, 2016
Jay Shen and Chris Cochran (both Health Care Administration and Policy) recently published an article, “Unemployment Rate, Smoking in China: Are They Related?” in the International  Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health with professor Qing Wang from School of Business in Dalian University of Technology in China. 

Jul 29, 2016
Jay Shen, Chris Cochran, and Charles Moseley (all Health Care Administration and Policy) and Guogen Shan (Environmental and Occupational Health), published a paper, “Racial and Insurance Status Disparities in Patient Safety Indicators among Hospitalized Patients," in the summer issue of Ethnicity & Disease. Other co-authors are Olena Mazurenko from the department of health policy and management at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and two graduates of UNLV's master of health care administration program, Scott Neish and Robin Hampar. The study analyzed more than three million hospital discharges extracted from the national inpatient sample data maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.  

Jul 22, 2016
Jay Shen (Healthcare Administration and Policy), Abbie Kirkendall (Social Work), and Catherine Dingley (Nursing) recently received the Tier 2 funding from the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) to continue their project “Engaging Patients with Life-Limiting Illnesses on Receiving Palliative Care“. They completed the project’s Tier 1 stage in February 2016. The Tier 2 will last 12 months, starting May 2016. The project’s current community partners include the Dignity Health System, Nevada Palliative Care/Infinity Hospice, Elaine Wynn Palliative Care Program/Nathan Adelson Hospice, and Sunrise Hospital. 

Jul 1, 2014
Dan Bubb (Academic Assessment) and Jay Shen (Community Health Sciences) made a presentation at the Association for Assessment of Higher Learning Education's fourth annual Assessment Conference in Albuquerque in June. The presentation highlighted the value of bringing faculty, students, alumni, and employers together to discuss ways to improve assessment of student learning, and using the improvements to better prepare graduates for the work industry. In March, UNLV hosted an Assessment Summit that brought these stakeholders together and resulted in rich conversation and solutions to narrow the wide gap in perception of student preparedness for industry between universities and employers.