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Department of Geoscience

Jonathan Baker and colleagues examine stalagmite in a cave
May 22, 2017
Campus News

UNLV Ph.D. candidate’s research in Russia challenges widely held understanding of past climate history; study appears in latest issue of top journal Nature Geoscience.

senior Amber Turner and alumna Lisa Danielson
May 3, 2017

UNLV undergraduate and NASA intern Amber Turner shares her remarkable research journey, which may someday lead to human civilizations on other planets.

Simon Jowitt
May 1, 2017

This economic geologist talks about being in a state where the mining industry thrives and about the difficulty of getting his 6-foot 4-inch frame into a running helicopter on rough ground.

Lisa Danielson overlooks the lobby of the Beam Engineering building
Apr 25, 2017

The career of Lisa Danielson, the Graduate College Alumnua of the Year, took off like a rocket after UNLV.

Closeup of books
Apr 18, 2017

From professional reasons to personal connections, faculty across campus share why they’re fond of certain works they penned.

artwork from Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery
Feb 22, 2017
Arts & Culture

“Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery” shows the beauty of science and the artistic side of even the most lab-bound of scientists.

This slide of a Martian meteorite
Feb 1, 2017
Arts & Culture

"Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery" brings College of Sciences together with UNLV Galleries for an exhibit of images and objects related to UNLV research.

Geoscientist Josh Bonde works in the paleontology lab
Oct 5, 2016

The improved facility will open to the public Oct. 8.

Amy L. Brock-Hon
May 10, 2016
Campus News

Advice from Amy L. Brock-Hon, College of Sciences Alumna of the Year

Elisabeth Hausrath
Mar 4, 2016

Geoscience professor Elisabeth (Libby) Hausrath honored for early career accomplishments; research focuses on geochemistry, chemical interactions and soil-forming processes on Mars.

students excavate a tusk
Nov 13, 2015

UNLV paleontologists recover mammoth fossils northwest of Las Vegas.

Matthew Lachniet studies stalagmites
Oct 15, 2015

UNLV geoscience professor exploring the links between wet conditions starting 5,000 years ago and weather events such as El Niño in the Desert Southwest.

Elsabeth Hausrath
Apr 8, 2015

Data from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is helping Elisabeth Hausrath understand how soil and water might have once interacted on the surface of our solar system’s most-Earthlike neighbor.

Aug 8, 2014
Liz Smith was shocked her quiet work keeping geoscience rolling garnered top honors as the President's Classified Employee of the Year.