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fine arts Accomplishments

Jul 30, 2018
Iman Ansari (Architecture) presented at the LoopTransport 2018 Conference. Organized by Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP), as the first HARP International Conference on Hyperloop Transportation and Related Technologies, the conference aimed to initiate and facilitate communication between scientists with expertise in areas related to the Hyperloop technology advancement. Ansari's presentation, "HYPER.STRUCTURE: Envisioning Hyperloop as an Urban Infrastructure," reviewed some of the work of his office AN.ONYMOUS on Hyperloop and its potential in reconfiguring urban growth and development.

Jul 25, 2018
Iman Ansari (Architecture) is featured in the latest issue of Scraper Magazine. The interview with Ansari focuses on the work of his office, AN.ONYMOUS. Viewing at LA as a "magnetic metropolis," the issue, "Loaded Los Angeles," "takes an intimate look at the lives of the artists and architects that make the city so stunning." 

Jul 9, 2018
Beth Mehocic (Dance) had her Concerto for Piano and Orchestra recorded for Parma Recordings by the renown Croation Chamber Orchestra and members of the Zagreb Philharmonic under the direction of acclaimed conductor Miran Vaupotic and the award-winning Maltese pianist, Charlene Farrugia. The concerto is slated to be released on a compilation CD of concerti by the Croation Chamber Orchestra on the Navona Label for Parma Recordings later this year.

Jun 22, 2018
Sergio Salgado and Susanna Newbury (both Art) were involved in "Art and Public Lands," a panel discussion held at the Sahara West Library earlier this month. Salgado organized the event, which was moderated by Newbury. Panelists Sam Davis ('06 MFA Art), Fawn Douglas ('15 BA Art), Karla Lagunas ('17 BA Art), and Brent Holmes discussed interplay between fine art and public land conservation in their practice. Their work, among others, including that of Dave Rowe (Art), will be up at Sahara West Library as part of the exhibition "Monuments: Artwork Inspired by Nevada's National Monuments" through June 23.

Jun 18, 2018
Patrick Moore and Matthew Shepard (both Film) received an Emmy Award from the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for their short documentary, Splashing the Streets. Moore and Shepard, who are undergraduates, won for writing in the student craft category. The documentary was produced in collaboration with Brett Levner (Film) and Daniel Gerrity (Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction) as part of a research project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

May 23, 2018
Alberto de Salvatierra (Architecture) was among 13 finalists in Blank Space's 2018 Fairy Tales Competition. With submissions from more than 65 countries, "The award-winning entries explore current events and the creative process through wonderfully crafted short stories and artwork." His entry, "Cities of the Celestial Sovereigns" re-imagines creation mythologies through the syncretism of recognizable mythemes via coexisting 'mother' civilizations.  For a look at his complete submission and the other entries, please visit:   Also, De Salvatierra's project _Shift City was selected for exhibition at the "Designing Complexity" Exhibition in MONGEOMETRIJA 2018: The 6th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad in Serbia this summer. Among the exhibition entries, _Shift City was awarded a special mention.

May 15, 2018
Beth Mehocic (Dance) had the premiere concert performance of her solo cello work entitled Somewhere Between D# and C on May 19 at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City performed by the acclaimed cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu. This was a CD promotional concert for Parma Recordings for the release of the album MOTO BELLO on Navona Records.  MOTO BELLO  is a compilation of 10 contemporary composers on which the solo cello work appears. 

May 9, 2018
Clarice Tara Cuda and Winnie Wu (both Art) received the 2018 Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Excellence in Creative Works and Advanced Undergraduate Research. Cuda, who will graduate Saturday with a BFA, created the 2018 sculpture "Power Suit," which examines traditions of mourning and materiality from the 19th century to the present. The sculpture will be on display at the Donna Beam Art Gallery through June 1 as part of the 2018 BFA Exhibition. Wu, a member of the Honors College who is scheduled to graduate in December with a BA in Art History, is the author of a paper, "Julia Margaret Cameron's Photographs as Paintings." The paper explores how photography (in the 19th century defined as a technology of truth rather than an art) was used to create fictional identities that played out in an illumination of literature, rearrangements of social class, and to position itself as a major art form like painting or sculpture. With the support of a generous endowment from Lance and Elena Calvert, the award recognizes excellence in undergraduate research projects that incorporate the use of University Libraries’ collections and demonstrate sophisticated information literacy skills. The judges mainly focus on the research process: the demonstration of library research skills, adept use of library resources and reflection upon the strategies used to investigate a research problem. Winners receive a cash prize and public recognition of their excellent work.

Apr 27, 2018
UNLV Jazz Studies (Music) and its students were honored in the 41st annual DownBeat Student Music Awards, which each year recognizes the top collegiate jazz musicians in the country. The UNLV Honors Quartet won in the Graduate College Small Ensemble Category and pianist Patrick Hogan was the co-winner in the Graduate College Soloist category. The Estella Yun Electric Band received an Outstanding Performance Award in the Graduate College Blues/Pop/Rock Small Group category and Jorge Machain garnered an Outstanding Performance Undergraduate College for his large ensemble arrangement, “Fascinating Rhythm." Michael Spicer received two Graduate College Outstanding Performances. One was for “Patchwork," in the Small Ensemble category, while the other was for “Love For Sale” in the Large Ensemble Arrangement category. These students will be recognized in DownBeat magazine’s June edition. The DownBeat Student Music Awards, founded in 1976, are considered among the most prestigious awards in jazz education. The UNLV jazz studies program has received 17 DownBeat Student Music Awards since 2010. Winners are selected from more than 1,000 entries.  

Mar 21, 2018
Ricardo Cobo (Music) and Lori Pullen (Performing Arts Center) recently helped stage a very successful inaugural guitar competition. Ten students registered from schools including Sierra Vista High School, CSN High School, New Horizons High School, Clark High School, Leavitt Middle School, and Las Vegas Academy. Grade levels included 8 - 12. The three finalists were Liam Kalson (New Horizons High School, 12th grade), Kyle Lhemgunjong (CSN High School, 11th grade), and winner Parsa Sabet Rasekhi (Sierra Vista High School, 12th grade). Rasekhi was presented with an Antonio Picado Model #49 Guitar donated by Dr. Mitchell and Pearl Forman. All students received gift bags donated by Ramirez Guitars.