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dental medicine Accomplishments

Jun 8, 2017
Galya Raz (Dental) earned diplomate status from the American Board of Periodontology. Diplomate is the board’s highest recognition and acknowledges periodontists who have made significant achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements for the specialty. Dr. Raz is one of only nine diplomates registered in Las Vegas, and the first full-time faculty member within the School of Dental Medicine to earn the distinction.

May 18, 2017
Dr. Karen West (Dental Medicine) accepted an appointment as the Dental Squadron Honorary Commander for the 99th Air Base Wing at Nellis and Creech Air Force bases. In this role, she is charged with encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences, and friendships between the civilian and military communities. She received this honor during an official ceremony in April.

May 16, 2017
Edward Lynch (Dental) recently had two more peer-reviewed papers published in dental journals. Published online in Implant Dentistry in May was  “Heat Generation on Implant Surfaces During Abutment Preparation at Different Elapsed Times." The purpose of this study was to evaluate heat generation at the implant surface caused by abutment preparation using a diamond bur in a high-speed dental turbine in vitro at two different water-coolant temperatures as temperature changes can affect healing and osseointegration. Water-coolant temperature (20°C vs 32°C) had a statistically significant effect on the implant's temperature change during preparation of the abutment (P < 0.0001). The use of water-coolant temperature of 20 ± 1°C during preparation of the implant abutment decreased the temperature recorded at the implant surface to 34.46°C, whereas the coolant temperature of 32 ± 1°C increased the implant surface temperature to 40.94°C. He also had paper published online in the International Journal of Dentistry  in March. Titled  Combined Implant and Tooth Support: An Up-to-Date Comprehensive Overview, "  his article presents a review on the controversial topics and clinical considerations related to the concept of splinting teeth and implants in the rehabilitation of partial edentulism. The paper assessed all the published clinical, laboratory, and finite element studies. The paper found that, although surrounded with some controversy, joining teeth and implants during the rehabilitation of partial edentulism provides the clinicians with more treatment options where proprioception and bone volume are maintained and distal cantilevers and free end saddles are eliminated. It makes the treatment less complex, of less cost, and more acceptable for the patient.  

May 11, 2017
Edward Lynch (Dental) has just been elected by his peers as the 11th most influential person in dentistry, as published in the UK Journal Dentistry on May 9. He also was voted by his peers in 2015 to receive the Lifetime Contribution to Dentistry Award. He previously was voted in first place (as the most influential person in dentistry), third, fifth and sixth in recent years. In fact, he is one of the very few people to have been voted in the Top 50 influencers in dentistry since this started almost 15 years ago. Only two other U.S.-based dentists have been voted into the Top 50 in 2017 and these are Dr. John Kois (14th) and Dr. Frank Spear (27th). Lynch has been presented with numerous other awards, including being awarded the 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award at the Dentistry Awards, which was presented by the previous president of the British Dental Association. In 2012 he was awarded the Fellowship of The American Society for Dental Aesthetics, making him the first dentist in the UK to achieve this prestigious fellowship. In 2013 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to Research and Teaching at the prestigious International Association of Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry conference in Las Vegas.    

May 8, 2017
Dr. Christina Demopoulos (Dental) received Immunize Nevada’s Silver Syringe Award for Innovation in Immunization. The award recognizes an individual who demonstrates exceptional innovation in developing and executing immunization programs and projects. The Immunize Nevada coalition focuses on preventing disease and promoting health by increasing the vaccination rates among state’s children, teens, adults, and seniors. Demopoulos' community involvement during her 16-year tenure at the School of Dental Medicine has focused on immunizations and improving oral health among children and teens. To date, her efforts have reached nearly 275,000 children throughout the state.

May 8, 2017
Dr. John Gallob (Dental) received the “Best ICARE Physician” award from University Medical Center. The hospital’s customer service program acknowledges physicians and staff for exceptional performance within multiple categories. Gallob earned the accolade for practicing ICARE — Identifying himself to patients, Communicating, Asking, Responding promptly, and Exiting — principles with his patients.

May 1, 2017
Dr. Stanley Hillyard (Dental) received the 2017 Regional George and Helen Hartzog Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service from the National Park Service for the Pacific West Region. Next, the regional award recipients will compete nationally for the honor of being named a national recipient of the award . Hillyard has consistently volunteered at Death Valley National Park every year since 1976, totaling more than 3,687 hours of service. He shares his expertise in the field of desert fish ecology and physiology through his contributions to the development and implementation of multiple strategic management programs for the park. He also contributes to ongoing park education and outreach activities. His enduring commitment to protecting and conserving the Devils Hole pupfish and the other aquatic resources within the park has been an asset to the National Park Service and an inspiration to all who have worked with him.  

Apr 17, 2017
Marcia Ditmyer (Dental) has been elected to a three-year term on the board of directors for the Springs Preserve Foundation. The board of directors comprises business and community leaders who are committed to the Springs Preserve's long term health and viability.

Apr 7, 2017
Edward Lynch (Dental) has been appointed to the editorial board of Nature, Scientific Reports. The editorial board manages the peer review process, and makes final decisions on whether papers should be accepted. The board comprises experts from all major fields within the clinical, biological, chemical, physical, and earth sciences, to ensure that each submission is handled by a specialist with an active research career. Lynch also published a clinical trial in this prestigious journal Nature, Scientific Reports in June, titled "Ozone Treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis: A Double Blinded study." This research showed that application of ozone on recurrent aphthous stomatitis lesions for 60 seconds reduced pain levels and enhanced ulcers healing by reducing ulcers size and duration.     Ozone     

Mar 31, 2017
Edward Lynch (Dental) this week was installed as president of the Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Research Group at the annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research and American Association for Dental Research in San Francisco. He was elected by his peers. At the meeting he served as group program chair, refereeing submissions as well as structuring scientific sessions. He also was chairperson of a scientific session and chairperson of the annual business meeting and was elected and attended the annual International Association for Dental Research Council meeting. Additionally, he presented a "lunch and learn" session as well as a presentation on one of his clinical trials, "Ozone Treatment of Symptomatic, Deep, Almost Cariously Exposed Lesions." He also was elected to attend the 2018 Council of the International Association for Dental Research, which he will attend as the president of the Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Research Group.