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business Accomplishments

May 12, 2017
Janet Runge (Center for Entrepreneurship) coordinated a five‐way partnership between Lee Business School, Cox Communications, Bank of Nevada, Caesars Entertainment, and Manheim Nevada that has produced 12 new graduates of the Small Business Leadership Academy (SBLA). The SBLA certificate program aims to empower participants with the ability to overcome the business challenges of today and tomorrow. Course participants made a 32‐hour commitment over eight weeks and received fresh business insight as well as three continuing education credits for their effort. This is only the second cohort of graduates. The next session is scheduled for the fall.

May 11, 2017
John Starkey and Erica Shelton (both Business) were instrumental in Starkey's spring BUS 103 class, Business Connections/First Year Seminar, raising $4,054.66 for the National Children's Cancer Society. Shelton, a freshmen business student, took charge and led the class of 21 students in its fundraising efforts. The students hosted tables around campus, spreading awareness and raising money for the cause. In addition, they hosted a fundraising event at Mandalay Bay and also raised funds individually. At the beginning of the semester, the students chose the charity for which it wanted to raise money. According to the is charity's website, since 1987 it has helped more than 40,000 children with cancer and their families by: Providing ongoing emotional support Distributing more than $63 million in financial assistance Educating thousands of survivors and their families with its educational resources

May 10, 2017
Anjala Krishen (Marketing and International Business) was invited to present at the International Conference on Business Sciences at Cairo University in Egypt in late April. Fellow presenters included professors from the business schools at University of Michigan, University of Portsmouth, University of Warwick, and the University of California, Berkeley. At the conference, Krishen's keynote session, "In the Age of Overload: Relationships, Media, and Information in the Marketplace," was well received by attendees and further solidified Lee Business School as an internationally recognized business education institution.

May 5, 2017
Rachel Farner, Muhammed Thabet, Drew Brunson, Wayman Wittman, Artur Maryamov, Daniel Vargas, Michael Philichi, (all Business), Brian Garrido (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology), and Albert Antero (Computer Science) were honored at the recent 2017 Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition. MBA students Farner, Thabet, and Brunson were named first-place winners in the graduate division. Their winning plan was based on their organization, RAD, which is a new technology to manage knee pain and replacements. Fellow MBA students Wittman, Maryamov, Vargas, and Philichi placed second for their idea called Window Magic, a new use for OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology that will alter the view from hotel guest room windows. In the undergraduate division, Brian Garrido (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) and Albert Antero (Computer Science), both of whom are pursuing minors in UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience (GEE), garnered second place. They envision their company, GameTrainer, as an esports website where users learn how to improve at video games, and get trained and coached by top-ranking players. Starting with a field of more than three dozen teams, UNLV had eight teams make the semi-finals before taking three of the seven awards at the finals — for a grand total of $55,000 in cash and prizes to be used to bring the ideas to market. The graduate teams were advised by Leith Martin, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, and the undergraduate team was advised by GEE coordinator Janet Runge. All three teams move on to the Donald W. Reynolds Tri-State Competition to compete against teams from Nevada, Arkansas, and Oklahoma on May 31.  

Apr 10, 2017
Stephen Miller (Center for Business and Economic Research), along with Mike Wixom of Smith, Larsen, and Wixom Attorneys; Kevin Bagger of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority; and Sallie Doebler of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, participated in a panel discussion, "Two Building $4 Billion" in April. The conversation explored the proposed Convention Center expansion and stadium. The event is the first in a series of four and is for members of the Las Vegas chapter of NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the premier trade association for developers, owners, and investors in industrial, office, and related commercial real estate.

Mar 28, 2017
Daniel Chi (Finance) is the author of  "The Dynamics of Performance Volatility and Firm Valuation," which was published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.This publication is considered to be an A+ journal. It is well known that riskier firms have lower valuation. But it is equally well known that smaller firms are riskier, yet have higher valuation. How could this be? In the article, Chi shows through a theoretical model (and empirical evidence) that smaller firms have invested in fewer available investment opportunities, that is, they are less diversified, and so more volatile or riskier. Yet, they also have more investment opportunities to invest in the future, and these investment opportunities are reflected by higher valuation. Thus, smaller firms are riskier, yet have higher valuation. 

Mar 8, 2017
Alan Schlottmann (Economics) was presented with a Spotlight Award on Saturday, March 4, by the Las Vegas chapter of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties Southern Nevada, a commercial real estate development association comprised of 400 members serving the local Southern Nevada market. The annual Spotlight Awards honor the membership’s firms and individuals for achievements, built projects, or deals done during the prior year. Additionally, they present awards for principal and associate members. Schlottmann was recognized for his economic development activities. 

Mar 7, 2017
Hans Rawhouser (Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology) recently had a paper published in Journal of Business Venturing Insights. The paper, titled “Horse and Cart: The Role of Resource Acquisition Order in New Ventures” uses agent-based simulation to give insight about the order in which entrepreneurs should acquire different types of resources. The simulation classifies resources according to their ability to promote search for opportunities or execution of existing opportunities. The simulation indicates that entrepreneurs that first acquire resources (e.g., hiring employees, buying equipment) to execute on a specific opportunity may waste time and effort before realizing the deficiencies of that opportunity, compared to those that acquire resources that enable opportunity validation (e.g., initial market testing). These effects are stronger when the environment is more uncertain and dynamic and it is harder to know whether opportunities are valuable. This research provides initial evidence supporting a recent widespread shift in entrepreneurial education from emphasis on business planning to the use of the lean startup methodology in testing business ideas. Rawhouser teaches both business planning and lean startups at UNLV.  

Feb 13, 2017
John Starkey (Business) and Sofie Burton (Allied Health Sciences) will be presenting at the 20th annual Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) Conference in Kennesaw, Georgia, in March. This marks the second consecutive year the duo has presented at the ANTSHE conference. Both Burton and Starkey serve as members of the Adult Learner Advisory Board. The board’s purpose is to collaborate with entities across campus to recognize the non-traditional student and to provide meaningful connection, useful services, and accessible opportunities that will assist them in obtaining personal and academic success at UNLV. Starkey and Burton will be discussing their internal collaborations with various departments from UNLV at the conference, highlighting how impactful a university can be for a student population when efforts are united. 

Feb 9, 2017
John Starkey (Business) will be speaking on behalf of UNLV Advising at the International National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Conference at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom in July. NACADA hosts one international conference every year and at this particular conference, Starkey will be speaking about advising's role during student unrest. His presentation is a collaboration with Matthew Cooney, a recent Ph.D. graduate from Bowling Green State University's higher education administration program. Fewer than 50 percent of the proposals were accepted for this conference. They will discuss how higher education institutions around the world are responding to student unrest in ways that encourage inclusiveness at a time when many campuses are being divided as students resist official responses from universities on various social issues. Because social media allows students to unite globally, this unrest has been amplified. Academic advisors can play a vital role in de-escalating feelings of unrest by utilizing their contact with students to discuss concerns.