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Jun 16, 2017

Commissions, with their long lists of client requirements, don't always let architects experiment. Competitions, on the other hand, allow them to throw away the client briefs and create something game-changing. Now in its 11th year, Radical Innovation is a competition giving architecture firms -- and students -- the opportunity to put their own original twist on hospitality design.

Jun 15, 2017

When you go out of town, you usually need to buy a few nights at a hotel in addition to a plane, train, or bus ticket.

Brandan Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, wants to combine these components into one experience. He designed what he calls the "Hyperloop Hotel," a system that would feature a transit system and 13 hotels in different cities throughout the United States.

Feb 13, 2017

University of Nevada Las Vegas students from the colleges of engineering, architecture, hotel management, health sciences, fine arts and construction management will be competing in Solar Decathlon 2017 at Denver this fall to showcase their skills in designing an energy-efficient, solar-powered home that can actively support aging residents.

Jan 26, 2017

Last week, Mary McCreesh got the kind of news that makes your heart sink: Her 82-year-old father was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Jan 17, 2017

The idea of a transcontinental highway in the West, spanning from Mexico to Canada, has been kicking around for decades. The possibility of this “CANAMEX” route, bookended by two international trade ports, has stirred high hopes for greatly expanding trade opportunities, industrial development, and new jobs for people and communities throughout the West.

Nov 17, 2016

When the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health opened in 2009, it was praised for state-of-the-art programming and dedication to researching neurodegenerative disease. The next thunder of accolades went to its Frank Gehry-designed building: The sloping, stainless shell structure is composed of anomalous windows and 18,000 tiles that pop up as a warped assemblage of structures at the edge of Symphony Park.

Sep 19, 2016

A man with Alzheimer’s disease makes breakfast but forgets a pan on the stove, causing a small fire.

Aug 25, 2016

Lighting, wall color, acoustics and hallway shapes may seem like aesthetic-based choices in the world of interior design, but when it comes to health care environments, those decisions can impact patient success.

Jul 6, 2016

Our homes give us shelter and a welcome refuge from the hectic outside world. But can they also make us healthier?

May 11, 2016

Reinvention has always been the game in Las Vegas.

And we’ve seen many successful attempts at changing the city’s tourism landscape. Many more, however, failed or never got off the ground.

Oct 26, 2015

If you could design the ultimate playground, what would it look like?

The Waters kids came to a Oct. 10 Springs Preserve playground redesign workshop packed with ideas.

Jul 16, 2015

Imagine a bustling construction site where robots do most of the tradesmen’s dirty work, so to speak—hauling materials, climbing ladders, and navigating scaffolding. Assistant professor of architecture Michael Silver is leading the multidisciplinary Rust Belt Robotics Group at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, to develop humanoid robots that interact with people in dynamic environments.

Jun 2, 2015
A team of University of Nevada, Las Vegas students and faculty just won a Design Excellence Award for a house designed for the Moapa Band of Southern Paiute Indians. The team of engineering and architecture students, mainly from UNLV's Building Sciences and Sustainability graduate concentration, entered the Desert Sunrise Home in the Department of Energy's annual Race To Zero Student Design Competition.
Apr 30, 2015
From one era to the next, the Las Vegas Strip hotel-casino has been a case study in architecture and design evolution—inside and out.
Feb 11, 2015
Jan 26, 2015
Jan 7, 2015

It’s easy to take architecture for granted. It’s all around us, as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, and for the most part, it doesn’t call attention to itself. As we traverse the thresholds of houses, offices, shops, restaurants and bars, most of us likely give little thought to the people, processes and ideas that inform and create those very spaces we occupy, day in and day out.

Jan 5, 2015