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Department of Anthropology

UNLV professor Alyssa Crittenden with members of the Hadza of Tanzania.
Jul 11, 2017
Campus News

UNLV joint study finds that elusive sleep patterns as humans age may have evolved to ensure safety.

Closeup of books
Apr 18, 2017

From professional reasons to personal connections, faculty across campus share why they’re fond of certain works they penned.

Alyssa Crittenden looks at computer
Mar 15, 2017
Campus News

Oral health of modern day African tribe transitioning from hunting and gathering to agricultural diet challenges long held presumptions about our Stone Age ancestors.

Alyssa Crittenden and Francisco Menendez
Mar 9, 2017

Francisco Menendez and Alyssa Crittenden have been recognized for their efforts, which extend beyond the bounds of our campus.

researchers test drone
Dec 28, 2016

UNLV researchers and inventors made national headlines this year with their discoveries. Here's a round up of some of our top stories of 2016.

virtual anatomy table
Nov 18, 2016
Campus News

UNLV's new School of Medicine takes innovative approach to teaching human anatomy with interactive imaging technology.

Daniel Benyshek and Sharon Young
Nov 3, 2016
Campus News

First clinical study of its kind finds no benefit for women who eat their placenta as a source of needed iron after giving birth.

Katelyn DiBenedetto holds an arrowhead
Oct 20, 2016

From finances to energy, health care, and more, UNLV graduate student researchers are asking important questions about America’s future.

Diane Chase
May 9, 2016
Campus News

UNLV's chief academic officer on how she'll use her archaeology training to figure out how the pieces fit together at UNLV.

Debra Martin and student forensic osteology class
Apr 20, 2016

UNLV anthropology professor receives award for research that is highly regarded and responsive to the needs of the state.

Diane Chase
Feb 24, 2016

Chase, archaeologist and current vice provost at University of Central Florida, will take over as UNLV's chief academic officer May 1.

Brian Villmoare examines jawbone
Dec 23, 2015

UNLV researchers made national headlines this year with their discoveries. Here's a round up of some of our top stories of 2015.

Peter Gray and his dog Puppers
Nov 24, 2015

UNLV-led anthropology study finds dog owners more attractive to potential mates.

Erin Azua
Jul 14, 2015

The third-place recipient of the Classified Employee of the Year Award, Erin Azua was lauded for the gentle and caring disposition she displays when interacting with students.