Yuri Graves: Emergency Manager and...President?

May. 31, 2018


For this 20+ year Coast Guard veteran, who has led disaster preparedness, response, and recovery missions through typhoons, tsunamis, and volcanoes, simply preparing a campus community for the worst case scenario is not sufficient. As of June 1st, Yuri Graves now sits as the President of the Nevada Emergency Preparedness Association (NEPA), where he can effect change, cooperation and facilitate assistance with emergency management and public safety issues among various Nevada jurisdictions, tribes, and other stakeholders across the state. And, UNLV now has first-hand access to a team of Nevada's most dedicated emergency professionals, whose mission is for a more prepared and safe Nevada.

Emergency preparedness and the safety of a campus, institution, city, or state cannot rely solely on a single agency or unit. The key is in communication and coordination across systems and organizations. This cooperation is something UNLV's first Emergency Manager is in the process of implementing at UNLV. Upon coming on board with Police Services in January 2018, Yuri Graves has taken the helm, assessing current procedures and already implementing new action plans and emergency operation efforts. He is striving to reach each campus community member, educating them on how to #BeRebelSAFE, how to be prepared, and how to feel confident in the actions you may be required to implement in the event of an emergency.

With his sights set on long-term integration, Graves is in the planning stages of a multi-year training and exercise program which will involve stakeholders from across the community; local fire and police agencies, hospitals, even select FBI personnel. Practice, integrate, and prepare, from agencies to staff, to students. Speaking of practice and student safety drills -- we've still got our sights set on that zombie apocalypse training he promised us! As Yuri Graves dives into his presidency at NEPA, partnering with Nevada's Division of Emergency Management (NDEM) and adjacent state and international preparedness associations, we welcome the wealth of knowledge and support he will be bringing to our campus. Congratulations Yuri!