Wishing Good Luck to Student Worker Abigail Isacoff

Jun. 11, 2020


Student worker Abigail Isacoff initially joined UNLV Dental Medicine as a means to earn some money while she pursued her bachelor’s degree. She started in Orthodontics in 2014 and later transferred to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs. Now a UNLV graduate, Abigail looks fondly upon her experiences as she prepares to begin her teaching career.

“The dental school offered a truly flexible schedule, which made juggling work and school simple for me. I am grateful for the training Vicki Arthur provided before transitioning to Continuing Education because it helped me take on the administrative assistant duties for the Admissions side of the office. I am also grateful to Dr. Ancajas for continually stressing that school comes first, and for listening to my crazy ideas.

“I've made many memories and am thankful for the time I was able to spend with Dr. Ancajas and Karleen Smith. I will miss my work family, and the chocolate in Dr. Ancajas’ office.”

Abigail begins teaching third grade at a charter school later this year, and wants to create a more inclusive learning environment within the education system for kids who have special needs.

When asked about Abigail, Dr. Ancajas said “It has been a great pleasure having Abigail in the office these past four years. She is intelligent, dedicated, and passionate about the work she does.  She will be sorely missed, but will be an asset to the Clark County School District and the children who cross her path. I am excited for her to begin this new journey and know she will accomplish great things as an educator. She will always have a special place in my heart.”