Winners of Spring 2013 Senior Design Competition

"Maji to Tuleeni" Grand Prize Winning Team with Keynote Speaker Ray Juzaitis
May. 21, 2013

The hard work of 77 senior design students at the College of Engineering was proudly presented and displayed at the spring semester's Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition on May 9. From a water intake and pipeline system for a remote village in Africa to a shelving system that will help wheelchair-bound people reach top shelves, an app to make math fun for kids to a multi-tool for theater technicians, the projects showcased the best of students' creativity, dedication, and knowledge.

Judges from local industry evaluated the projects based on innovation, commercial potential, and presentation quality, and awards were presented at the annual Fed and Harriet Cox Senior Design Dinner and Awards the next evening. Congratulations to all!

Grand Prize: "Maji to Tuleeni"

Annie Bouck, Christian Datuin, Eric Murphy, Brian Vincent

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Construction 1st Place: "ZNE Portable Modular Building"

Ryan Goerl, Paul McLandrich, Nick Natale, Jared Noa

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Construction 2nd Place: "Project AirConn"

Jaffer Almosawy, Matthew Burge, Janegela Cretty, Humberto Franco

Computer Science 1st Place: "GiftButler"

John Bertini

Computer Science 2nd Place: "Super Math Matching Fun Time!"

Michael Branchini

Electrical and Computer Engineering 1st Place: "Ghost Hand Keyboard"

Marc Gurney, Mike Misch

Electrical and Computer Engineering 2nd Place: "AC Charge Management System for Gravity and Radiation Environmental Arial Trans-Small Satellite Surveyors"

Arvin Bautista, Mark Jayson Manipon, Kenji Reyes

Entertainment Engineering and Design 1st Place: “Music Page Assistant”

Timothy Lee

Entertainment Engineering and Design 2nd Place: “Q-Fi: Wireless Cue Light System”

Lee Buckley, James Cogan, Adam Piotrowski

Mechanical Engineering 1st Place: "Stirling Air Conditioner"

Keaton Frerker, Jena Junsay, Kaipo Kekaula

Mechanical 2nd Place: "Variable Pitch Quad Rotor Kopter"

Muhammad Umair Ayub, Gregory Friesmuth

Interdisciplinary Award: “The Reactor”

Niloufar Afnani, Ron Bohne, Brian Corpuz, Khoa Vo

Commercial Potential Award (tie): "Music Page Assistant" // “The Reactor”

Timothy Lee // Niloufar Afnani, Ron Bohne, Brian Corpuz, Khoa Vo

Sustainability Award: "Maji to Tuleeni"

Annie Bouck, Christian Datuin, Eric Murphy, Brian Vincent

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