Winners of Spring 2012 Senior Design Competition

May. 11, 2012

Grand Prize - “Retrofit Hybrid Solution”

Jeremy Feliciano, Derek Joiner, Richard Ryan

Civil  1st place - “Smells Like Money: Anaerobic Digestion”

Cory Dow, Steven Winfree, Myron Fikse, Steven Matti

Civil 2nd place - “Pavement with Return”

Jimmy Floyd, Sean Gann, Anthony Ramos, Ricky Zeedyk

Computer Science 1st place - “Basic Yoga”

Amrita Nikhil Amritphale

Computer Science 2nd - “Vegacite”

Sassan M. Knight

Electrical 1st place - “Magnetron Automatic Frequency Control”

John Turner

Electrical 2nd place - “Climatic”

Miguel B. Murillo, Sergio Flores-Castro

Entertainment 1st place - “Boom Ease”

Alan Holton, Jeremy Knowles, Kelly Tsadiasi

Entertainment 2nd place – "Go DJ"

Emily Black, Miles Caporicci, Max Godges

Mechanical 1st place - “The Self-Stirring Stove”

Sally Bachman, Trevor Bergstrom, Robert Brown, Matthew Reyburn

Mechanical 2nd place - “SolaCon”

Jessica Christy, Justin Galli, Joshua Herrera, Vu Tran

Interdisciplinary - “Sequential Automated Manual Transmission”

Timothy Pratt, Soloman Wu, George Louie

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