Winners of Fall 2013 Senior Design Competition

"Automated Sports Ball Launcher" team members with Dean Venkat and Assoc. Vice Provost Spencer
Dec. 16, 2013

The hard work of 56 senior design students at the College of Engineering was proudly preesnted and displayed at the fall semester's Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition on December 5. From a sanitation system for a remote village in Nicaragua to an automated ball launcher, an efficient pool pump with a sensor controller to a staple-less system for replacement of casino gaming table felt, the projects showcased the best of students' creativity, dedication, and knowledge.

Judges from local industry evaluated the projects based on innovation, commercial potential, and presentation quality, and awards were presented at the college's holiday party a week later. Congratulations to all!

Grand Prize: "Automated Sports Ball Launcher"
Robert Callahan, William Calloway, Marvin Lemus, Philipp Maeder

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Construction 1st Place: "Project Greencrete"
Edward Demars, Jenery Guion, Aria Heraypur, Omar Quassani

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Construction 2nd Place: "Silent, but Deadly"
John Gonzales, Robert Kazarin

Computer Science 1st Place: "Advanced Image and Video Processing Tools"
Jeff Senecal

Computer Science 2nd Place: "Steganosis Using Wavelets"
Stephen Freeman

Electrical and Computer Engineering 1st Place: "Eco Pump"
Jimmy Benoit, Aleksandar Jovkovic

Electrical and Computer Engineering 2nd Place: "240V High Efficiency Motor Controller"
Stephen Henson

Entertainment Engineering and Design Prize: “Express Layout Change”
Amadou Gueye, Dean Isaacs

Mechanical Engineering 1st Place: "Autonomous Brass Collecting Rover"
Jameson Lee, Jared Peterson

Mechanical 2nd Place: "E.G.T. (Electric Generating Turbo)"
Sammy Elshaal, Alejandro Garcia, Leandro Moreira

Interdisciplinary Award: “CESIR Platform”
Nicholas Bleich, Aran Johnson, Jorge Ortiz, Richard Razack

Commercial Potential Award 1st Place: "Express Layout Change”
Amadou Gueye, Dean Isaacs

Commercial Potential 2nd Place (6-way tie): "E.G.T. (Electric Generating Turbo)" // “Eco Pump” // "240V High Efficiency Motor Controller" // “Bathtub Limiter, Unobtrusive Model Preventing Catastrophe by Individual Negligence” // “Lomas del Sol Sanitation Project” // “Silent, but Deadly”
Sammy Elshaal, Alejandro Garcia, Leandro Moreira // Jimmy Benoit, Aleksandar Jovkovic // Stephen Henson // Sean Gatus, Joseph Mirabile, Bradley Thorne, Erica Warnert // Christina Richter, Marco Velarde, Ruth Villatoro, Alexander Wood // John Gonzales, Robert Kazarin

Sustainability Award (2-way tie): "240V High Efficiency Motor Controller" // “Project Greencrete”
Stephen Henson // Edward Demars, Jenery Guion, Aria Heraypur, Omar Quassani

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