Welcome Don Snyder, Acting President

Jan. 28, 2014

Campus Community:

I would like to take a moment to ask you to join me welcoming Don Snyder as our Acting President.  I look forward to working with President Snyder as we keep the campus' key projects moving forward.

I also hope you will join me in thanking Chancellor Klaich, Chairman Page, Vice Chairman Trachock, and Chief of Staff Wasserman for their thorough engagement with our campus.

Through the holidays, my office and the president's office have worked to preserve the momentum driving our campus priorities.  So far, we have been successful but there is challenging work ahead.  In the months to follow, we will need to build support for our Tier One initiative.  We will need to work with the System and our community partners to develop a plan for an academic medical center featuring a UNLV School of Medicine, and will need to develop legislative support for these projects.   We will also need to focus our efforts to achieve full pay restoration, improved health benefits and the funding for COLA for academic and administrative faculty and classified staff, as well as Merit for our academic and administrative faculty.  These, and other projects, will require skillful and broad advocacy and I am excited about partnering with President Snyder in this effort.  While we take on these big projects I am encouraged that the campus will remain focused on our continuing efforts to support student success through our ongoing RPC project and other initiatives. 

Everything we are doing requires your support. There is much to do and President Snyder is eager to lead.  Let us all stand ready to do our parts.

John Valery White