Vice Provost Ngai Pindell returning to full-time faculty

Oct. 12, 2018


Ngai Pindell, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, has announced he will transition back to the Boyd School of Law as the International Gaming Institute Professor of Law.  The move will take place during the spring semester and Ngai will continue to work on special projects for the Provost’s Office.

Ngai has served as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, making significant contributions to the university during his three years in the role. In addition to overseeing faculty processes and policies, he led development efforts for faculty, chairs, and academic units. Ngai worked closely with Compliance and Human Resources to address issues across campus, re-launched the Leadership Development Academy, and oversaw the merging of the Faculty Excellence Initiative and Faculty Affairs. 

Please join me in thanking Ngai for his many contributions and wishing him well in his return to faculty.