Vehicle Rental Reminders

Mar. 28, 2016

Department of Risk Management and Safety

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Vehicle Rental Reminders



Helpful reminders when renting a vehicle from Enterprise or any state-contracted vendor:

  • The types of vehicles rented are subject to limitations based on the contract. Please check and confirm with Enterprise or any state contracted vendor what type of vehicle can be rented under the state contract and confirm the appropriate code.
  • Luxury SUV’s and any exotic vehicles are not allowed under the state contract.
  • If any Department would like to rent a luxury SUV and / or any exotic vehicle, then the Department must purchase the auto liability and comprehensive and collision insurance coverage offered by the rental agency.
  • The user must inspect the vehicle prior to use for any damages and communicate with the rental agency the damages indicated.
  • The main contact for Las Vegas for Enterprise is Marissa Birch. Her contact information is: (702) 597-4560.
  • Additional information can be found at: