Updated Guidelines for Research with Human Subjects

Jun. 1, 2021


Researchers have a responsibility to assess risks to a person participating in a research study as well as putting measures in place to mitigate risk and to inform potential subjects of any risk of participating in a study. Researchers are encouraged to continue to stay up to date with CDC and Clark County guidance when assessing the risk of transmitting COVID-19 and to incorporate measures if appropriate. The office of Research Integrity-Human Subjects (ORI-HS) and the IRB committees and will continue to provide guidance and best practices to support research and encourage faculty to contact the office or committee with any questions about research protocols.

The following is noted:

  1. New studies submitted after June 1, 2021 will follow Clark County and CDC guidelines.
  2. Current studies that have more stringent COVID-19 SOPs that were approved previously can continue without change using the current measures.
  3. PI that want to change protocol to follow current Clark County or CDC guidelines that have previously approved COVID-19 SOPs will need to submit a modification for review and approval prior to continuing.  This will ensure the consent forms are updated to reflect the change.
  4. Studies that were halted prior to the pandemic can continue with current Clark County and CDC guidelines in place. If changes need to be made a modification will need to be submitted for review and approval prior to restarting the study.

For further guidance you can refer to Clark County and CDC guidelines:

Clark County Guidelines  

CDC Guidelines 

ORI-HS can be contacted at the Toll Free Number: 888-581-2794