Updated: Additional annual leave carry over for classified staff

Sep. 23, 2020

This message was updated on September 23, 2020 to include further clarification on annual leave that exceeds 320 hours.

The recent Special Legislative Session approved Assembly Bill #3 which states that the amount of annual leave classified employees may carry over in calendar years 2020 and 2021 has increased to 320 hours (40 days). The previous limit was 240 hours (30 days).
Classified employees must use their annual leave time that exceeds 40 days by December 31, 2020 or it will be forfeited. Employees should submit requests in Workday to their supervisor by October 15. Leave will automatically be forfeited if a request is not submitted by this date.
Annual leave in excess of the carryover limit requested by October 15 but denied by a supervisor is eligible for payment. Classified employees will automatically receive payment for unused leave by January 31. More information can be found on the State of Nevada Employee Handbook.

All employees and supervisors should review annual leave balances to ensure classified employees who are in jeopardy of losing annual leave take that time off by December 31.

The following Workday reports are available to assist with viewing annual leave balances:

  • Classified End of Year Balance - HCM - CR (NSHE) 
    • Security Role Required: Absence Partner and Absence Support
  • Classified End of Year Denied Requests - HCM - CR (NSHE) 
    • Security Role Required: Manager (can only access their own supervisory organizations) 

There is no information about carry over annual leave time for academic or administrative faculty at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact Absence Management at hrleave@unlv.edu