Update Your Contact Info in UNLV’s Emergency Notification System

Oct. 4, 2016

UNLV is improving the way updates are made in the Emergency Notification System (ENS) beginning Monday, September 19th at 2:00 a.m.

The new system will allow for more frequent and regular updating of emergency contact information. This means more coverage of the campus community and less likelihood of community members inadvertently being left out of the system. The experience for the user will not change. If you have contact information in the system, you will continue to receive emergency alerts as usual.

The ENS will provide emergency alerts to UNLV students based on contact information provided in the Personal Information section in the Student Center on the MyUNLV website. Emergency alerts are provided to UNLV faculty and staff based on contact information provided in the Update Contact Info section of the Employee Query and Update System (EQUUS) website. Employees can update their cellphone number in the Office Information section, and can also update home landline telephone information in the Address Information section. If you currently do not have your cellphone contact information in these databases we strongly encourage you to enter them at this time.  Not doing so will prevent UNLV from sending emergency text messages to your cellphone.

Campus community members without an EQUUS or MyUNLV account may also receive ENS alerts by submitting your contact information electronically. Police Services will then review your application and add your contact information to the ENS once your status has been verified.

To learn more about the ENS, visit https://www.unlv.edu/safety/ens