Upcoming RebelSAFE Alert Test & Earthquake Drill

Oct. 3, 2018

UNLV will be testing its RebelSAFE Alert System at 10:18 a.m. Oct. 18. This alert will signify the start of UNLV’s Great Nevada ShakeOut earthquake drill. It is important to note that this alert is only a practice earthquake drill and not an actual emergency.

The RebelSAFE Alert system message, clearly identified as a test, will signal the start of the Great Nevada ShakeOut earthquake drill. The message will read, "This is a TEST for the Great NV ShakeOut earthquake drill. Drop, Cover & Hold on, snap a selfie. Visit unlv.edu/safety for contest info."

UNLV’s Office of Emergency Management invites participants to DROP to the ground, take COVER, and HOLD ON for 60 seconds. Earthquake drills help to promote awareness and safety, and UNLV wants you to take it one step further. We want you to be an example and motivate others on how to be better prepared to survive and quickly recover. Snap a selfie during the drill, share with your followers, tag @UNLVPD on Twitter with #RebelShakeOut, or email your photo to eoc@unlv.edu, and be entered to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards. The more we share, the more family and friends we can make aware.

The RebelSAFE Alert System is the emergency notification system (ENS) used for incidents that present an imminent threat to life, health, or safety to UNLV students, employees, faculty, and community members on UNLV campuses and facilities. RebelSAFE Alert messages provide emergency information and instructions to protect you during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, RebelSAFE Alert will send emails, text messages, posts to UNLV Police Services' Facebook and Twitter sites, push notifications to the RebelSAFE Mobile App, and provide audio and visual warnings to computer desktops, digital advertising kiosks, RebelSAFE emergency phones, and UNLV websites.

Visit RebelSAFE to learn more about the RebelSAFE Alert System or to update your contact information. For more on the Great Nevada ShakeOut earthquake drill and selfie contest rules visit unlv.edu/safety, and remember to always #BeRebelSAFE.