Upcoming Emergency Notification System Testing on March 31 with Additional Notification Feature

Mar. 23, 2017


UNLV will be testing its Emergency Notification System (ENS) on March 31 at 2 p.m.  It is important to note that this alert is only a practice drill of the system and not an actual emergency.

All members of the UNLV campus community will automatically receive email notifications on their UNLV email accounts. Faculty, staff, and students who provided a cellphone number should expect to receive a text message.

If, during the test, you find you are not receiving text messages, you may need to update your contact information in the ENS. Follow the instructions below to update your information prior to the test on March 31. Go to the applicable website listed to update your information.


Emergency alerts are provided to UNLV faculty and staff based on contact information provided in the Update Contact Info section of the Employee Query and Update System (EQUUS) website.

  1. Log into your EQUUS account.

  2. Click the Update Contact Info Button beneath the Quick Links section of the EQUUS homepage.

  3. Once on the Contact Info page, click on Office Information Button (not the Emergency Contact button).

  4. Update your contact information on the Office Information page. Be sure to add or update your cellphone number. To add a home landline telephone number for voice messaging alerts, click on Address Information from the Contact Info page.

  5. Click SAVE after you enter your information.


Emergency alerts are provided to UNLV students based on contact information provided in the Personal Information section in the Student Center on MyUNLV. To add/update your information:

  1. Log into your MyUNLV account and visit the Student Center page.

  2. Once on the Student Center page, you can review your email address(es) and phone number(s) via the drop-down menu in the Personal Information section.


Campus community members without an EQUUS or MyUNLV account may receive ENS alerts by submitting contact information electronically. Police Services will review your application and add your contact information to the ENS once your status has been verified.

While UNLV students, faculty, and staff are enrolled in the ENS system, you are encouraged to periodically review your emergency contact information on file. To learn more about the UNLV Emergency Notification System, visit the UNLV Safety and Emergency website.

A new alert function has been added to the ENS. It enhances UNLV's ability of reaching more people in the event there is a campus emergency. If you are logged into a UNLV computer that has already been upgraded with this feature, an ENS message will appear on the screen and an audible alert will play (see a sample video). Please note that this will only occur on some UNLV computers. This feature will be added to more UNLV computers in the near future.

If you experience difficulties with the ENS or any notifications, please contact Ryan Doyle at:  702-774-4122.