From UNLV to UNL-G?

May. 27, 2014

With a bright smile, UNLV Painter Glenn Gray shares that friends joke that the university might just change its name to UNL-G because of his long commitment to the campus, its students, the faculty, and staff. However, what is unclear is whether the “G” is for Glenn himself or the entire Gray family which has collectively served UNLV for more than 142 years (more than twice the age of the university itself).  Glenn has been a painter at UNLV for 30 years and his tenure is surpassed only by that of his uncle (Kenny Porter) who retired as the head of carpentry after 31 years. How about the other Grays? Glenn’s brother (Lee) was in HVAC for 30 years, his wife (Kim Hilliard-Gray) has worked in human resources for more than 18 years, and two of his nephews (Marlon and Garry) have served in facilities with the HVAC division for 15 and 18 years respectively. When asked why UNLV has remained his professional home for the last three decades, Glenn shared how important education is to him and his family. In fact, the quality of his daughter’s elementary schooling was so important that when he was asked to consider a gift to the university’s United Way Employee Campaign, he signed up on the spot and designated her charter school as the recipient. In fact, even though his daughter graduated from elementary school more than a decade ago, he continues to give every year and he might just keep at it until she graduates from the UNLV and beyond. As for Glenn, he has a year left to break his uncle’s record of service. While he knows that there are many painting projects in the future, he is the proudest of his work refinishing the Fremont Canon and hopes that it never needs to be repainted again-ever. 

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