Jun. 25, 2018

UNLV-TV collaborated with TEDxUNLV to video and live-stream all of the TED talks on Friday, June 22nd. 

2018 Speakers:

  • Karl Catarata, Topic: Generation Z'ers In The Extreme
  • Roberto Coppola, Topic: The "Millennial" You Hate Hearing About Does Not Exist
  • Raymond Fletcher, Topic: Overcoming the Odds
  • Todd Fisher, Topic: Storytelling in the modern age: blending tradition & technology in the art of filmmaking
  • Kimberly Galbe, Topic: Designing Cities with Humans
  • Jim Marggraff, Topic: Extreme Thinking for Extreme Problems
  • Benjamin Morse, Topic: The Power of Comic Books
  • Corey Padveen, Topic: The Exciting Truth about Blockchain Theory
  • Ranita Ray, Topic: Let's Change How We Think About Poverty
  • Karessa Royce, Topic: A Route 91 Shooting Victim's Healing Journey
  • Cynthia Sanford, Topic: Preserving Grief: Collections from Makeshift Altars
  • Radhika Shah, Topic: Don't worry, be happy
  • Huzaifa Sial, Topic: The Empathy Gap: Why the future is human
  • Shawn Sturges, Topic: Finding the Beauty through Adversity
  • Tim Toterhi, Topic: I Am Diversity!
  • Savvas Trichas, Topic: Knock Yourself or Knock Them Out
  • Russ Vaagen, Topic: Abundance Through Collaboration

Graduate Research Presentations

  • Celine Ayala, Topic: In(car)nation of the self: an ethnography of the Las Vegas street car scene
  • Austin McKenna, Topic: Research: The Genomic Architecture of Obesity
  • Beth Wi, Topic: Robots are Coming


  • Matthew Morgan
  • Megan Slankard

All of the talks can be found on UNLV-TV's website: https://livestream.com/unlvtv/TEDxUNLV