UNLV Students Win Dunn-Edwards Design Competition

Image: O. Igbinobaro

Image: O. Igbinobaro

Sep. 2, 2021

Two UNLV Students have been recognized for their individual projects in the inaugural national student design competition hosted by Dunn-Edwards Paints... Congratulations to Jamie Centeno (B.S. Arch) 2nd Place Overall, and Osarodion Igninobaro (M. Arch) Honorable Mention.

Image: J. Centeno

The design competition called for emerging professionals to create a compelling design for a residential or commercial "client" using the 2021 Color of the Year - "Wild Blue Yonder".

Excerpts from their work can be seen in the images in this post.

Congratulations again!

Participation in design competitions with architect mentors is an encouraged route to earning up to 320 hours in the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). Contact Architect Licensing Advisor glenn.nowak@unlv.edu for more details.